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Mission Statement

Spread the Word Nevada is dedicated to advancing early childhood literacy by placing books into the hands and homes of children within Southern Nevada's at-risk communities. Through community collaboration, mentorship and family partnership programs, Spread the Word Nevada fosters reading and language development opportunities leading to brighter academic and ecomonic futures.


Spead the Word Nevada is non-profit organization dedicated to supporting children's literacy.


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Would you recommend Spread the Word Nevada?

by Gema M. (2018-11-14 10:46:07.0)
This is a wonderful organization that is doing beautiful things for the children in the community. When I volunteered it felt very comforting and it was a peaceful place. I would very much recommend this. It is beautiful to think about the impact your actions could have to kids.
by Frances C. from Henderson, NV (2018-09-25 22:19:05.0)
Im not sure if i know anyone that might b interested at this point.
by Katrina A. (2017-10-12 07:13:16.0)
Spread the Word Nevada is a wonderful organization to volunteer with! Highly organized and extremely rewarding.
by Skylar D. from Henderson, NV (2015-12-30 11:39:12.0)
I volunteered back in July of 2014 with my church, St. Thomas More. We had a 5-day retreat called "Light" and we went to different organizations throughout the community and we volunteered for a couple of hours at each one. My first stop was Spread the Word and it was probably one of my favorite places to volunteer at. Just being able to clean those books and imagine a little kid's face when they saw they had a book to read just made me the happiest person in the world. I hope that others feel this way when they volunteer at Spread the Word.