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  • Children & Youth
  • Disaster Relief
  • Education & Literacy
  • Media & Broadcasting
  • Women


PO Box 376Moraga, CA 94556 United States

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Mission Statement

The mission of Be the Star You Are! a non-profit corporation is to improve literacy, increase positive media messages, and provide tools for daily living by empowering women, families, and youth. We grow people!


Be the Star You Are!(r), a 501 (c)(3) collects, commissions, and distributes empowering books, audio, video, art, and music. Recipients include youth and teen groups, women, shelters and support groups, seniors, job re-entry, treatment and recovery programs. The world is bombarded daily with negative messages. Believing that information infused with inspiration has the power to transform and change lives, Be the Star You Are! is a positive message media library offering choices and hope. Be the Star You Are! also broadcasts two radio programs, StarStyle-Be the Star You Are!, a lifestyle show Wednesdays, 4-5pm PT and Express Yourself!, a young adult program where teens talk and the world listens, Sundays, 3 PM PT, both on on Voice America Network/Empowerment Channel.

Be the Star You Are!(r) makes a difference in communities by offering positive "edutainment", education combined with entertainment.

Please note that we will send every potential volunteer a questionnaire which must be completed before any position can be assigned. Minors under the age of 18 must have parental permission.

We are seeking only enthusiastic, responsible volunteers. If your only interest is getting community service, we are not a match for you.

Thanks for your interest in Be the Star You Are!

We look forward to working and growing with you.


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by Doctors C. (February 15, 2024)
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by Nifemi F. from NG (November 16, 2021)
Although abundant, more organizations targeting the growth of young children, women, and other groups that requires support to make them all round members of society are needed. As a volunteer for noble causes, it is right for me to share opportunities for people in my circle to contribute to same.
by Evan C. (June 21, 2021)
VolunteerMatch provides several opportunities for individuals to make a global impacts in areas surrounding health, wildlife, and community interactions. These opportunities can sharpen peoples minds and help them work together to accomplish and achieve several goals that are needed in certain communities. As a result, spreading organizations such as VolunteerMatch to friends, family, and others allows us to help the community out and leave an impact for others to see.
by Adnan M. (September 15, 2020)
Great organization! Staff is very friendly and interactive, I highly recommend!
by Courtney C. (March 19, 2017)
Be the Star You Are! Charity is filled with positivity and constantly aims to empower teens across the world. I've worked with this charity for the past ten years and continue to support it because I believe its mission is one of which everyone should always be reminded.
by Katie C. (March 15, 2017)
Working with Cynthia Brian for Be the Star You Are has been one of the best opportunities and decisions of my life. As a reporter and host of Express Yourself for Teens, I have been able to expand my skills as a writer and a speaker. With the world constantly changing and advancing, people are becoming busier and busier. As a result, we often find less time to read and write for entertainment or take a moment to reflect on the positive aspects of life. After entering high school, reading and writing for personal enjoyment fell lower and lower on my list of priorities. I can confidently say that volunteering for Be the Star You Are has reminded me of the importance and joy of positive messages and has rekindled my love for reading and writing. Be the Star You Are promotes positive media and literacy in such an inspirational and memorable way that it not only impacts its listeners and readers, but is also a transformative experience for its volunteers.
by Chelsea P. (March 14, 2017)
I love volunteering for Be the Star You Are! It's a great opportunity that's pretty rare to come across, as it's unlike any of the previous organizations I've volunteered at in the past. You choose a specific position as a volunteer, allowing you to specialize in a type of volunteer work that plays to your strengths and helps you grow as a leader.
by Katie L. (March 13, 2017)
I highly recommend “Be The Star You Are!” and give it a very enthusiastic 5 stars! I have volunteered for other organizations, and can honestly say that BTSYA surpasses them all for its contributions and what it has meant to me as a volunteer. I have had the exciting and rewarding experience to volunteer as a reporter for the teen radio show “Express Yourself” and report on numerous topics that are interesting and inspiring to teens. I strongly support the organization’s life-changing message to “Read, Lead, Succeed!” and I love the fact that I am helping to provide a positive and empowering message to teens across the country and beyond! BTSYA does so many things, such as publishing inspirational books under the same name, for which I am so proud to have contributed a chapter in its most recent edition. This year it ran the Hurricane Matthew Relief Project, donating books to the affected area. I can't say enough wonderful things about this organization and what it means to me!
by Joven H. (March 9, 2017)
Be the Star You Are is one of those unique nonprofits that helps its volunteers just as much as it helps the community. I can personally attest to the many different benefits and opportunities that it provides. Whether it's empowering young people through various forms of media or sending books to relieve victims of natural disasters, Cynthia Brian and Be the Star You Are truly care to help. On a weekly basis, teens are able to share their viewpoint on important issues that affect them and others. Our thoughts get broadcast for the entire world to hear. At its core, Be the Star You Are fosters the next crop of world-shakers to develop into their full potential and express themselves!
by Danielle W. (March 8, 2017)
I had the pleasure of working with Cynthia Brian for multiple years. As part of her team at BTSYA, I witnessed firsthand how meaningful and effective nonprofit charities can be. As a collaborative team, we truly made a difference through a combination of volunteer outreach, book events, and community-based programming. Besides gaining valuable event-planning experience at the charity, I found a unique springboard for my current writing career. I'm still thankful for the wonderful opportunities BTSYA afforded me and the friendships I made during my time there.
by Brigitte J. (March 8, 2017)
I love BTSYA! I joined in 9th grade and the organization has become a big part of my life. I'm proud to be part of Be The Star! You Are and I personally think that this organization is unique in its message and goal of literacy and positive media. BTSYA has brought me so many opportunities. I've interviewed best-selling authors, TV show stars, anime voice actors, artists, and even a numerologist, a cryptologist and video game creator on Express Yourself, our teen outreach service radio. I talk with other teens every week on the radio, discussing our views on current events and societal values. Through BTSYA I get to host and volunteer at local events and see how books and positive media impact the citizens in my town, and I've been able to give back to my community in an innovative way that really matters. BTSYA is made up of purely positive energy. Being part of it has helped me pull negativity away from my life so well that I've even been able to see my political views from ano
by Brian R. (March 8, 2017)
"Be The Star You Are!" is an incredible organization. Cynthia Brian has created such an amazing program through positivity, real-world/true-to-life information, and guidance for young people. Her organization helps young people steer through growing up and allowing them to be the best version of themselves. As a firefighter working in Watts (Los Angeles), California, I know how important it is for young people to have direction, mentors, and support throughout their lives. This charity is the exact type of program that every community needs; and, through the widespread outreach of the "Be The Star You Are!" organization, Cynthia Brian is able to affect development all over the world. Truly inspirational!
by Ashley S. (January 16, 2012)
Cynthia is really nice and very helpful with any questions / problems you may have. I loved working with this organization.
by Clarissa G. from TRASKWOOD, AR (November 10, 2011)
Cynthia is nice and gets back to you promptly. I am enjoying compiling a list of guest speakers for the radio show and the other aspect of the ministry/outreach is reading and posting reviews, which is fun because I love to read and help kids make wise choices.
by Jennifer T. (January 17, 2011)
Out of the many organizations I've encountered in college and high school, few have evoked the same level of energy and passion as BTSYA. Its mission resounds in numerous communities across the nation. I urge everyone to volunteer--it's so rewarding to see the impact that you make, not to mention how delightful it is to work with Cynthia Brian (founder)!
by Katherine K. (January 14, 2011)
This is an brilliant charity that's truly dedicated to helping out its target groups, which include families, teens, women, and other groups in need. The idea of exerting positive, inspirational media to improve one’s personal growth and achievement is simply wondrous. On top of that, it's an amazing experience working with Cynthia!

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