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One Community

Cause Area

  • Advocacy & Human Rights
  • Community
  • Computers & Technology
  • Environment
  • Homeless & Housing


Virtual Opportunities OnlyGlobal Team, CA 91775 United States

Organization Information

Mission Statement

Our mission at One Community is to help people create a better world by demonstrating a more sustainable and enriching way of living and open source everything required for replication. We are a 100% volunteer non-profit and non-governmental organization. We are creating open source resources and solutions for food, energy, housing, social architecture, education, economics, stewardship, and more.


Our vision is to usher in a new age of cooperation, collaboration, and sustainability. We do this by demonstrating what’s possible, open sourcing and free-sharing the blueprints, and making modular or total duplication easy enough, affordable enough, and attractive enough so that positive and sustainable world-change will spread on its own.


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by Denis S. from UA (October 2, 2023)
It's like a job... I asked Joe twice what I should do next, and maybe I did something wrong, but I don't know what. After that, I was deleted everywhere. MINUSES: If you indicate that you could volunteer 10 hours a week, you have to volunteer 10 hours a week, because otherwise you will get a blue card (similar to a yellow card in football). If you are unable to volunteer the specified time this week, you must let know Joe. You have to write weekly reports with screenshots of what you did that weekly. You must run all your writing through ChatGPT with special rules prepared in advance, so that ChatGPT will give the most relevant text. Put screenshots in one place, your report in another. It is advisable to add a video to the screenshots! YOU NEED TO START THE TIMER IN A SPECIAL APPLICATION WHEN YOU WORK !!! I don't even do this at my paid job... If you break the rules 5 times, you will also be deleted PLUS: pretty good code quality
by Eduardo V. from BR (September 22, 2023)
One Community is an exceptional organization to volunteer. The institution is well organized, the staff is very welcoming, and the project is inspiring. The executive director Jae is an important leader of the project, he is extremely kind, and a very understanding person to work with. I really recommend anyone to volunteer at One Community.
by Aaron P. from CA (September 21, 2023)
One Community Global is an incredible place to volunteer. The organization is well-organized, the team members are super kind, and the work is very fulfilling. Since I joined in July, I've had the opportunity to contribute to a wide range of fun and impactful tasks, which has allowed me to enhance my software development skills significantly. Jae is extremely kind, smart and helpful. He consistently welcomes new suggestions and is an outstanding leader. I wholeheartedly endorse and highly recommend this organization.
by Yiwei H. (August 22, 2023)
One Community stands out as an exceptionally professional non-profit organization, deeply impressing with their remarkable initiatives. The entire team demonstrates a meticulously crafted and viable strategy, and I am genuinely thrilled to contribute my support. Jae consistently showcases remarkable dynamism and zeal in guiding the team. His responsiveness is unparalleled, providing swift and highly impactful guidance consistently.
by Zubing G. (August 15, 2023)
One Community Global is an exceptional organization to volunteer with. I worked here as a software engineer since June. It's been an awesome experience. This team knows how to keep things on track – everything's well-structured and organized. Team members are willing to help and support, communication flows easily. Jae Sabol is a super great leader. He is approachable, flexible, and always there to lend a hand. Being here has taught me a lot. I've gained insights into well-defined workflows, and worked on projects that actually matter.
by Alyx P. (August 2, 2023)
“One Community” is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to creating a sustainable and thriving community that is based on the principles of love, peace, and harmony. They have a vision to create a self-replicating model that can be used to create sustainable communities all over the world. I have been a member of One Community for about a two months now, and I have been very impressed with their work. They have a wealth of resources available, including educational materials, and videos. They also have a strong community of members who are supportive and helpful. One of the things I appreciate most about One Community is their focus on sustainability. They are constantly looking for ways to reduce their environmental impact, and they are always sharing new ideas and innovations.
by Raul E. from BR (July 31, 2023)
Work here is amazing. The way developers work is very professional and I learned a lot about coding. But, the best thing here is Jae. Jae is a great leader, generous and a very good person. He's always listening to us and motivating us to be better. I can only feel gratitude.
by papia s. from JP (July 31, 2023)
I have been working with One Community for the past 3 months. From the beginning until now, I have learned a lot of valuable lessons as a fresher, which have significantly boosted my professional experience working with a large team. Jae has been exceptionally helpful, consistently providing proper guidance and appreciation for our work, regardless of the task's size. Moreover, the other volunteers are extremely friendly and supportive, making the overall experience enjoyable. There is ample opportunity for learning and personal growth within the organization. Therefore, without a doubt, I wholeheartedly recommend One Community to others.
by Dipti D. (April 28, 2020)
One Community Global is a great organization to volunteer with, and I would recommend it to anyone looking for an opportunity and learn new things. Jea is a great leader and very supportive he give you a complete platform to put up your ideas and implement it. He always welcomes the suggestions and give you a guide line and suggestions when you want any. For almost 3 years I worked here and have came across some new software with with now I am working independently. Who every wants to have a good working experience with education this is the great place to work in. Volunteering with One Community Global has been a pleasure and a wonderful experience. Would like to be in association with then whenever they need me. Thanks you for all the wonderful experience and also guiding me to new carrier path. and wish you all the best.
by Falgun P. (December 18, 2017)
One Community Global is a great organization to volunteer with, and I would recommend it to anyone looking for an opportunity to contribute to their Highest Good of All solutions in various fields. Jae Sabol is a great leader, and a wonderful human being to work with. He has always been flexible, supportive and encouraging through the 4 months I worked here. Jae is also open to accommodate all forms of suggestions. His undeterred passion is truly inspirational to anyone looking to help create a sustainable future. Volunteering with One Community Global has been a pleasure and a wonderful experience. I commend their achievements and encourage you to join on for a fulfilling experience.
by Samantha R. (November 20, 2017)
I definitely recommend One Community to anyone looking for a flexible, rewarding volunteer opportunity. Jae Sabol is a very kind, calm, fun, and very understanding person to work with. There is absolutely no pressure working with Jae, he is very open to suggestions you might have for 3D environments/projects, and he is a very patient and encouraging person to work with. For the 4 months I have worked with Jae, I have had absolutely no problems, and I really enjoyed my time in this organization. You will not regret working with One Community, and volunteering here will be one of the best decisions you will ever make!
by Guy G. from Lutherville, MD (August 9, 2016)
A great experience and wonderful communication with this organization. Its been great working with this organization.

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