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Little Brothers - Friends of the Elderly is a national, non-profit organization committed to relieving isolation and loneliness among the elderly. We offer to people of good will the opportunity to join the elderly in friendship and the celebration of life.


We offer our elderly friends opportunities to create new friendships and relationships. Through volunteer visits, holiday parties, and social outings, our elders are reconnected to the community and other elders.


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by Yatendra S. (January 30, 2014)
The most impact-creating organization for the elderly in the Cincinnati area. Well organized activities, one-on-one interaction with the elderly members, and constant awareness of needs of individual members are the key strengths of the organization. Dedicated and selfless staff are key to the success and long tenure of LBFE. A large number of long-time, conscientious, and devoted volunteers have been instrumental in creating strong bond between the elderly and the volunteers. An organization enriching the lives of both the elderly and the volunteers.
by Nancy H. (January 28, 2014)
I have been a visiting volunteer with LBFE for almost 10 years. The relationship I shared with my elderly friend was rewarding in so many ways. We enjoyed all of our outings as well as just visiting in the nursing home in her later years. Volunteering with LBFE is truly a gift you give yourself!
by Sharon B. (January 26, 2014)
I am a Visiting Volunteer and a Telephone Reassurance Volunteer. I deem it a real honor to have met elderly who consider me their friend, and someone they can turn to in any situation. Some of them truly are the forgotten ones. I hope that in a small way I am making a difference in their life because I do care what happens to them.
by Roger R. (January 26, 2014)
I have been involved with this organization since 2001 and am constantly amazed by how much good they do with such a small staff. My contact with the elderly is very gratifying as is the interaction with the other volunteers. I always feel that my time is well spent. I've included my grandson on some of my visits, and we both marvel at how our elderly friends come alive.
by Laurie M. (January 26, 2014)
I have been a volunteer with Little Brothers-Friends of the Elderly since 2000. I've always felt a connectedness with the elderly so this proved to be the perfect organization for me. I am a Visiting Volunteer, am active with the 3rd Thursday Nursing Home Program,drive elderly to many of our ongoing parties & outings, & am a member of our Visiting Volunteer Committee. It makes my heart happy to know that I am helping to relieve isolation & loneliness in my old friends' lives. All of the elderly that I have encountered have made such a wonderful difference in my life. What an honor it is to know & love each & every one of them!
by Barbara C. (January 26, 2014)
LBFE has lots of different ways to help and you can choose volunteering opportunities according to your changing schedule. I have delivered meals on Holidays and done birthday visits. I also help on a monthly basis with the third Thursday luncheon. The other volunteers are very friendly, caring people and I feel that I am contributing to something very worthwhile - helping to alleviate the loneliness many isolated elderly experience and helping them to feel loved and valued.
by Marc R. (January 7, 2014)
I have been a regular visiting volunteer for over a year. I enjoy helping my elderly friend with his computer. It helps him stay connected and relieves his isolation. Thanks to LBFE we have developed an enduring friendship. My friend also enjoys the Art Program, Movie Night and many other social outings that LBFE offers. This is a unique organization serving an often overlooked group of people.
by Abbey M. (June 15, 2012)
I am a young professional in the Cincinnati area who was looking for a way to get more involved in the community a few years ago. I found Little Brothers online and decided to go to one of their Christmas events. Much to my surprise, four years later I'm still volunteering here. This organization has become an important part of my life! The nice thing about Little Brothers is you can volunteer one time or on a regular basis - whatever best fits your schedule. You'll meet a ton of people - young and old! I'd highly recommend to anyone who wants to reach out and lend a helping hand.
by Carol B. (June 14, 2012)
Until you've experienced LBFE you won't REALLY know how fulfilling it is. If you’re looking for a great organization with which to have your first volunteer opportunity, LBFE is the perfect option. For an group that operates on a tight budget and doesn’t have a lot of frills they are FULL of creativity, love and compassion. You can’t imagine how much a simple phone call to an elderly person does for his/her day. I called “Mary Ellen” the other week just to say hi. She was bowled over with gratitude that someone cared enough to check in on her. The group sponsors year-round events and outings – all in an effort to make sure that no elderly person goes unnoticed in this world. LBFE is not meals-on-wheels or home healthcare. It’s simply a group that wants to bring friendship to elderly who have no one else in their lives. I’ve volunteered for nearly four years and love it more every time I visit with someone.
by Cathy R. from Cincinnati, OH (Administrator for this Organization) (May 29, 2012)
Motto is "flowers before bread." Friendship is as important as food and shelter. If you are interested in really making a direct and personal difference in the life of an elderly person,consider Little Brothers-Friends of the Elderly. Many of the people served are growing older with little or no support from family or friends. There are many different opportunities to serve. A few examples include delivering meals and goodies to an elderly person on holidays and/or birthdays, driving someone to one of many social outings, monthly movie night, or art afternoon. The Visiting Volunteer program matches volunteers with a special elderly friend they visit 2X monthly. LBFE offers flexibility on amount of hours volunteered and geography (Hamilton County). You'll be making a difference, and it's fun for you, too!

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