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Mission Statement

The mission of Save The Water is to conduct water research to identify and remove harmful contaminants in water; and to raise public awareness about water contamination and its health impact.


We talk about save the whale, save the reef, but we continue to pollute our water and force these marine and aquatic lives to live in it. Today there are so many chemicals used in our day to day lives, which weren’t even invented 10-15 years ago. What’s more we even drink this toxic water because these chemicals were approved without any study of health impact or even a regulatory limit on how much can be in present in water.

Save The Water conducts analytical research on these untested contaminants, treats water to remove them, and promotes awareness and education about healthy water.

STW Vision

Several perspectives need to collide at the right time to drive a change. Most important of this is a vision. The vision of STW(tm) is 'Contamination free, healthy water for all'.

Core focus

  • To conduct water research to identify harmful chemicals in water,
  • To raise public awareness about water contamination and its health impact.
  • To innovate technology to remove these chemicals in water.

Please review our web site at wwww.savethewater.org to learn more about Save the Water or contact us.


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Would you recommend Save the Water, Inc.?

by Breann S. (2017-05-01 21:05:31.0)
Disappointed, not forthcoming on duties, team unfriendly, unprofessional.
by Vincent Bolou Bi G. from CI (2016-05-11 08:57:36.0)
Cette organisation défend le fait que l'eau qui est source de vie soit bien protégée par la population. Ça y va de notre vie toute entière. Il ne sert à rien de polluer de l'eau avec les produits chimiques et aller dans les supermarchés, se procurer de l'eau dans les bouteilles et laisser les pauvres personnes qui n'ont pas ces moyens de s'offrir une bouteille minérale, mourir. Donc je suis intéressé pour être bénévole dans cette lutte qui est la mienne.Je salut STW pour leurs actions. Merci.
by Renbin L. (2014-06-04 15:31:05.0)
This is a very good opportunity for students who don't have any experience at all. You can learn how to re-publish an article written by another author via a rigorous implement. The staffs in this organization are generous and friendly. If you have any questions, just let them know, then they will help you to finish your responsibilities perfectly.
by Joan M. (2014-04-26 15:17:11.0)
Save the Water is a great volunteer opportunity that makes volunteering at home very easy. With Save the Water, volunteering can be done at home and at any time, fitting in well with any schedule. Save the Water is also a great organization with a fantastic goal.
by Shilpa M. from CHICAGO, IL (2014-04-05 21:04:30.0)
Volunteering for Save the Water, Inc is an excellent opportunity and provides extensive knowledge that should be used in our daily lives to promote a sustainable future. I love being apart of the Social Media team, they are such a fantastic group of individuals. Frank Ramos and Jan War are one of the best and most passionate leaders that I have come across as of yet.The best part of the whole thing is that you are really, truly in there doing the work; you're in charge and trusted, and while you are given very helpful and consistent feedback. I located Save the Water by using Volunteer Match and the experience and knowledge gained has been indeed priceless. I recommend for anyone interested in volunteering to begin there journey with Save the Water, Inc.