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Mon Jan 15, 2018 11:00 AM - Mon Apr 16, 2018 05:00 PM







Please Note:

Mount Moriah Primitive Baptist Church is the only "Year Round" Tax Site in FL.

The site continues to operate & E-file taxes April 15 th - October 15 th

& prepares Paper Returns from Oct 16 th - December 31 st.

Tax Training & Certifications begin in November & Sites Open in January.


Duties vary depending on location, skill level, certification and availability.

All Volunteers Answer Phones


Must be IRS Certified in Volunteer Standards of Conduct to be a Greeter

  1. Through questioning the Taxpayer about type assistance they are seeking; to determine if our VITA Site can assist them or where to send the Taxpayer for the appropriate assistance to (e.g., Volunteer Preparer, Intake, Paid Preparer, Local IRS Office or having them return and/or set appointment for another time if they are unable to wait.)
  2. Greet Taxpayers, and ensure through questioning that the Taxpayer has picture ID, SS Cards for themselves and all dependents they plan to list on the Interview and Intake Sheet, before having them Sign In, complete the sheet, or be sent to the Intake Volunteer.
  3. Ensure that Taxpayers do not and are not waiting a long time by determining what services they are seeking upfront (e.g., Tax Preparation, ID Theft Help, Amended Return, etc., and/or rather we can assist them with the type tax preparation they are in need of).
  4. Assist anyone who has literacy or vision issues complete the Interview and Intake Sheet, by either asking each question and/or reading it so either the Taxpayer or Volunteer can complete the form.
  5. For any questions the Greeter is unable to assist Taxpayer with, that this information is notated on the Interview and Intake Sheet for the Intake Volunteer to address during the Interview process.
  6. Notate on the Sign In Sheet what Volunteer Preparer assisted the Taxpayer.
  7. Shred documents if time is available or wait for Designated Volunteer Shredder. All documents all shredded at the end of the night.
  8. Ensure that that the Interview and Intake Sheets remain stocked on clipboards and return all clipboards and pens to the Sign In area.
  9. If time is available, put together packages for opening Stuff Taxpayers Envelopes, with VITA Schedule and Refund Cycle Charts.
  10. At closing ensure that the clipboards are re-stocked for the following morning, clean up Sign in area, wipe down counter tops, sweep, dump trash and Shred bags and change the Sign In Sheet for the next day.
  11. On Final day at Site for the week, assist with breakdown by removing all VITA Program supplies, repacking all printer and extension cords, and computers for the weekend.

Other Greeter Duties

PLEASE NOTE:Those without the literacy, professional and/or personal skills necessary to interact with Taxpayers; support the VITA Site by Setting Up, Breaking Down and maintaining Cleanliness of the space throughout our time there.

  1. Load supplies (tables, computers, printer, shredder and clipboards) into Van for delivery to site.
  2. Remove church tables and chairs to arrange space for VITA Site preparation.
  3. Put out Advertising Sign out, in Front of Church.
  4. Wipe down surfaces and sweep floors from Church services uses on Sunday (If necessary)
  5. Unload and set up VITA tables, printer, run electrical and printer cords from Hub and outlets to each computer.
  6. Clean men’s and ladies restrooms, used by Taxpayers including toilets, sinks, sweep, mop, dump garbage, replace toilet paper, paper towels, garbage bags, hand soap, cleaning supplies and disinfect all surfaces.
  7. Vacuum the areas in the church where Taxpayers walk to restrooms.
  8. Sweep, mop and clean rug in Foyer Areas leading to restrooms.
  9. At closing sweep, dump garbage, vacuum, mop and reload computers, printer and shredder to be returned the next day.
  10. On Final day at Site for the week, assist with breakdown by removing all VITA Program, equipment, tables and supplies for the weekend.
  11. Remove Advertising Sign replace in church.
  12. Re-load all supplies and un-load at Latryna’s for the weekend to be returned to site on Monday morning.


Must be IRS Certified to Intermediate to be a Greeter

  1. Administrative duties include sending and receiving Faxes, Scanning or Printing Paperwork necessary to support the site.
  2. Admin duties also include preparing ID Theft Forms and printing the Returns and forms to be mailed to IRS.
  3. Visually review and verify ID, SSN and/or other information provided by Taxpayer.
  4. Review and complete Intake Form with Taxpayers
  5. Answer all questions on 13614 Interview and Intake Sheet.
  6. Any questions left unanswered must be noted for the preparer and that information conveyed before the Taxpayer sits down with the preparer.
  7. Ensure that information provided is within the scope of the program and/or that the Taxpayer does not need to seek assistance elsewhere.
  8. Write Name(s) of Clients, Tax Year and Site Name on Front of Envelopes, stuff Envelope, with VITA Schedule, Site Contact Information and Refund Cycle Chart.
  9. Have Taxpayer wait if no one is available or send to available or appropriate Volunteer Preparer based on level of complication of the taxes and/or level of certification for Preparer.
  10. Also acts as a Greeter if no Greeter is available and does all the duties of the Skilled Greeter.
  11. Admin duties also include preparing ID Theft Forms and printing the Returns to be mailed.


Must be IRS Certified to Intermediate to be a Preparer

  1. Validate ID, SSN and other information provided by Taxpayer.
  2. Explain the Tax Prep Process on Tax Slayer and validate all information for accuracy before entering income.
  3. Complete Tax Return and Explain the results of the Tax, line by line so that Taxpayer also rechecks that all income and expenses have been entered correctly.
  4. Before printing completed return or hitting E-File, print Main Information Page and have Taxpayer Review again for accuracy of names, SSN, DOB, Address, Phone Numbers of all persons listed on the return.
  5. Take copies of W2’s or other information with Withholding. Return all other paperwork to taxpayer to put in VITA Envelope for next tax year.
  6. Print entire return and have Taxpayer Sign 8879
  7. Back up tax and provide to Transmitter for submission to IRS along with 8879.
  8. Admin duties also include preparing ID Theft Forms and printing the Returns to be mailed.


Must be IRS Certified to Intermediate to be a Transmitter

  1. Restore Tax from Preparer to the Transmitting Computer
  2. Validate that the refund or amount owed on the 8879 matches the tax return on Tax Slayer.
  3. Run Diagnostics and E-File Return.
  4. Print Declaration Control Report for verification that tax was sent.
  5. Get Acknowledgements (Acks) from IRS on status of Returns sent, print report.
  6. If Return Rejects, must print Acks Report to know what the Reject Code is and how to resolve the issue.
  7. If issue can be resolved without contacting Taxpayer, then resubmit the Tax.
  8. If issue cannot be resolved, (i.e., ID Theft, Dependents Claimed, Deceased, etc.) must contact Taxpayer and either have the come in to complete additional forms and/or mail their tax to the IRS.
  9. Admin duties also include preparing ID Theft Forms and printing the Returns to be mailed.
  10. Also acts as a Greeter, Intake and/or Preparer based on need and/or Volunteer availability.


  • History
  • Mathematics
  • Legal (General)
  • Tax Law
  • Advocacy
  • Market Research

Good Match For

Kids Teens People 55+ Group

Requirements & Commitment

  • Driver's License Needed
  • Must be at least 15
  • Orientation or Training
  • Volunteer will provide a minimum 25-35 hours week
  • Volunteers can provide as much or as little time they would like.

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