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Mission Statement

Volunteer In Your Community Inc.'s (Greensboro NC Branch's) mission is to raise awareness about poverty in our neighborhoods and communities in around Greensboro North Carolina. We want to enhance the lives of the impoverished people and introduce them to a network of resources that address the specifics to why they are living in poverty and help provide what they need in order to become stable.


We provide opportunities for the citizens to become actively involved with providing assistance to help the impoverished people in our communities. We help people in poverty and the homeless, to establish a strong foundation that will lead to financial independence. We focus on the youth, and their parents, as well as men and women in the community. We encourage education and dedication while connecting people to the resources that are readily available in their communities. In the past, present and future, we have devoted and will continue to devote our time at local schools and at other non-profit organizations in the community.



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Would you recommend Volunteer In Your Community Inc?

by Carissa M. (2013-08-18 11:07:38.0)
This volunteering opportunity is excellent. As a parent, I was very pleased and became involved with the volunteering opportunity myself. My children(teenagers) enjoyed the opportunity and fun too. I have to say we volunteered with other organizations and this was the most exciting educational experience of our summer. I would strongly recommend this volunteering opportunity for high school and college students. But this organization welcomes ALL because it is something for all to learn.
by Jennifer R. from Greensboro, NC (2009-10-19 20:19:48.0)
This organization has a lot of heart and intelligence behind it. It is a wonderful group with superior leadership, and is just what our market needs for our underprivileged neighbors.
by DANA R. from NEPTUNE, NJ (2009-10-18 13:47:08.0)
I like the unique approach Volunteer In Your Community Inc.'s (Greensboro NC Branch's) is using to raise awareness about poverty in our neighborhoods and communities in around Greensboro North Carolina.The Book fair Was An Excellent Event and I was Proud to know that purchasing books,allow the organization to help more children who cant afford to buy books.
by Heather B. from NC (2009-09-28 08:18:55.0)
Volunteer in Your Community is an amazing organization dedicated to helping those in need. This wonderful group of people are extremly kind-hearted and dedicated to helping others from children to adults. You feel as if you are family when you are in their presence. I was very fortunate to work with thim in raising money to buy books for children. I would be honored to work with them again.
by Tinece H. (Administrator for this Organization) (2009-09-22 09:37:54.0)
I love helping children. I was able to volunteer at Wiley Elementary's book fair and help the children fill out thier wish lists.