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Mission Statement

Our desire is to Rebuild the Walls of People's Lives by Rebuilding Homes...Rebuilding Families, and Rebuilding Communities.


We take on communities projects (parks, playgrounds, schools, libraries, nursing homes, wetlands, nature trails, and more) and individual and/or family projects (could be helping with the rebuilding of their home; could be securing them grants; could be counseling, and so much more).

We offer several Volunteer Opportunities for:

  • Housing & Meals
  • Projects & Project Coordination
  • offer Substantial Discounts to Cultural & Fun Activities for all of our Volunteers



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Average Review 8 reviews

Would you recommend Operation Nehemiah?

by Monica M. (2016-08-26 13:43:39.0)
Operation Nehemiah organization under the leadership of Fred Frankie, has touch millions of people lives in varies capacities. During the restoration of New Orleans,after Hurricane Katrina. I met Fred at a meeting led by United Way for case management, rebuild and funding agencies. All who had a desire to help bring stability back to New Orleans, and surrounding areas. Since then we have worked together on quite a bit of projects, and all where successful to the point allowed. Whenever we called on Operation Nehemiah, we know that things would be done in excellence; without reservation or hesitation. Fred, has always extended his help and friendship;making himself available to those in need. He is selfless, fair, and a genuine person. If you are looking to get the job done , and done right. Operation Nehemiah is the one for you.
by David J. (2016-08-22 21:01:52.0)
I am a pastor and was doing repairs on a local pastor's house that had hail damage and rot. A ceiling was falling and there was exterior rot to be repaired. It was just myself & my nephew & we were replacing the roof as well. Fred called me because he had extra volunteers in town that were not needed on their primary project. These guys came here to help and be a blessing, not to lay out. And what a blessing they were! They were a pleasure to work with. I'm thankful to Fred and operation Nehemiah for their assistance.
by Sabrina S. (2016-08-22 20:00:27.0)
Fred Frankie is a man of great character and is always looking for people in need. When I volunteered for operation Nehemiah we stayed in a nursing home and it was life changing. I was amazed how Gods love can spread everywhere. Not only did we get to rebuild and repair homes we got to encourage and restore lives. Even after all this time I remember the conversations I had with some of those women. The fellowship was great and the food was great!! Lives were changed so I couldn't ask for more in volunteering to make a difference.
by John B. (2016-08-22 19:45:12.0)
After Katrina, my business Rock'n'Bowl, was the first business to open in the Carrollton Avenue corridor. Fred Franke and the folks at Project Nehemiah were extremely helpful to me during several key times in my way back. Cleaning up, stripe-ing the parking lot, to laying down new wood floors, without them I don't know what I would have done.They and all the volunteers could not have been nicer. We are very grateful.
by W S. (2012-05-29 09:11:32.0)
My friends brought a group of youth from the church to help with the projects of Operation Nehemiah. They were told that they would be helping the victims of Katrina. Who they turned out to help is the con artists that started this scam. Multiple times during the "adventure" it was mentioned that the organization was running out of money. They were sent to paint 2 houses. Neither had sufficient supplies. Partial paint buckets and brushes. No rollers or covers etc. The first house was inhabited by a person who told them to scrape the bits of paint off the concrete while they waited for the supplies. The second was inhabited by a person driving a new Tahoe and came from vacation in Hawaii. The "coordinator" is building a multi-million dollar home...running out of money????