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Mission Statement

Our mission is to rescue orphaned puppies, kittens and nursing litters from the streets, shelters or other life-threatening situations and match them with permanent adoptive homes, and to provide support and education to these adopters and the community at large. We will work with other community rescue efforts to promote spay/neuter, adoption and humane animal care to ultimately reduce the number of animals euthanized in Houston and surrounding areas.


We are 4 former volunteers from BARC, which is the Houston City Animal Control facility. One of the most distressing things about volunteering at BARC over the last few years was seeing the plight of the puppies and mother dogs. It was so sad to see litter after litter of pups getting sick, dying at BARC or having to be euthanized. This was not because they were unwanted... people want to adopt pups! It's because these young puppies simply cannot survive in a shelter environment.

Deadly airborne diseases, to which they have no immunity, are everywhere. If the pups are old enough for even one vaccination, that's just not enough to protect them. And the lucky ones who do get adopted, many of them come back with deadly diseases. Then there are the pregnant and mother dogs, who are almost always euthanized. After seeing this heartbreaking situation over and over, we turned to each other and said, "There's got to be a better way!" And so, Pup Squad Animal Rescue was formed!

The goal of our new rescue group is to save as many puppies and nursing litters as we can from life on the streets BEFORE they even enter the shelters. We also want to work with BARC, and other area shelters, to rescue litters from the shelters QUICKLY...before they are exposed to the diseases of shelter life.

Side Note: We do wish we could take in every dog that needs a home but just like all other rescue groups and a lot of shelters, we are limited on space within our foster homes. Our rescue group is an all volunteer organization that is totally based around foster homes since we do not have a shelter space for dogs. If you have a dog or dogs that are in need of rescuing, you may contact us and we will see what we can do to help. We cannot make any promises! Thanks.



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Would you recommend Pup Squad Animal Rescue?

by Leslie C. from Denver, CO (2010-10-11 07:20:34.0)
We have been volunteering with Pup Squad about once/month for the past 4 or 5 months and we love it! We like that we can volunteer any time we have a free Saturday. The coordinators are very nice. And of course, getting to spend time with cute puppies...what's not to love about that??
by Grace T. (2010-10-11 07:20:16.0)
Pup Squad has so many pups and dogs that are looking for there forever homes. Adoption days can be a stressful time for these animals, and it is great to have volunteers on hand to walk and play with them to take a little bit of the stress out. It is also a great way for people who can't foster or adopt, to help out a worthy cause.
by Keri M. (2010-10-11 06:47:47.0)
Love the hearts of all the volunteers, they really want what's best for the homeless pets of houston! I love getting my weekly time with all the pups, too! Does my heart good! Thanks pup squad for allllll you do!
by Leah R. (2010-10-11 06:34:05.0)
I contacted Pup Squad to help me find a home for a puppy found roaming the streets near University of Houston. We found a wonderful home for the puppy thanks to the Pup Squad volunteers. They are a wonderful group of people who truly care about the welfare of animals and I will continue to support this organization.
by Susan R. (2010-10-10 18:25:33.0)
My 13-year old daughter and I love the time we have spent volunteering at Pup Squad. The dogs kept us busy and the time passed very quickly. We both are "dog people" and enjoy feeling that we are giving back to dogs in need just like other people did for our two rescue labrador retrievers.