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Mission Statement

RREAL has the unique mission of making solar energy available to people of all income levels. Solar technologies present viable alternatives to fossil fuels that are both environmentally sound and socially empowering. In order for solar to be widely embraced, it must be available to people of all income levels. However, solar technology remains out of reach for many lower income households.

The cost of home heating is unpredictable, and has been rising every year for the last 30 years- much faster than people's incomes. Since low income families devote a greater share of income to the necessity of heat, they are the most vulnerable to these increases and fluctuations in energy costs.

At RREAL, we seek to address these issues with solar energy. Our flagship program, Solar Assistance, installs solar heating systems in partnership with low-income families that qualify for public energy assistance. Solar Assistance fosters ecological health, social equity, and self-reliance. Solar heating technology is an environmentally and economically appropriate technology for helping meet the energy needs of people in poverty.


The Rural Renewable Energy Alliance is making solar energy accessible to all income levels. Our primary program is Solar Assistance, in which we install solar space heating systems on homes qualifying for Public Energy Assistance. Providing supplemental heating equipment that operates independent of expensive fuels offers a genuine and lasting change for a family. Our Solar Assistance heating systems offer about 20 percent of a household's winter heating needs - for decades. Through our Solar Assistance Program, we empower families across the state of Minnesota to provide for their own heating needs. We have a Solar Contracting Service for new Photovoltaic and Solar Thermal systems, which helps cover the cost of operating the Solar Assistance Program. RREAL are manufacturers of the RREAL SPF, our state of the art solar air heat collector.



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