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Mission Statement

To improve the quality of life for people living with aphasia and their families. • SCALE provides individuals with aphasia a place to connect. • SCALE offers interactive group activities designed to support and empower members as they re-engage in community. • SCALE provides education, training and support for families. • SCALE strives to raise public awareness and understanding of aphasia through community outreach and awareness projects.


Services offered at SCALE are designed to decrease the social isolation experienced by individuals living with aphasia and their families by providing a community of peers sharing similar goals and interests and trained professionals who support and guide members as they re-engage in life activities. We have three primary objectives: 1. To empower individuals with aphasia to actively participate in life. • SCALE provides expert professional and trained volunteer support for classes that are member chosen. • Members participate in meaningful, relevant and purposeful communication activities/classes that involve reading, writing, speaking and the use of technology. • These classes provide opportunities for members to practice communication skills in a supportive environment and to resume life activities that they enjoy. • Members are empowered and supported in their assertion of personal autonomy through the support of volunteers who are trained in techniques that acknowledge and reveal the competency of individuals with aphasia. • Members participate in aphasia education community-based events such as writing newsletters, magazine articles and sharing information at community businesses, hospitals and health fairs. 2. To serve as a resource and support center to families of aphasic individuals and the community at large. 3. To increase awareness of aphasia and it's consequences on communication and life participation.



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