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Mission Statement

My vision, in creating this organization, is to research, promote, conduct, and support activities that cultivate and train individuals in order to develop the highest human potential by centrally using traditional Budo martial arts. This potential is to be actively supported to ensure the participants positively contribute to mankind. The organization is open to people of all backgrounds and makes great effort to overcome barriers that limit participation provided this does not compromise our integrity. The technology which we use to cultivate and train the human potential is by incorporating regular practice of the combination of the traditions of the weaponless Budo arts of karate, aikido, judo, and tae kwon do into all programs. The implementation of highest and best practices in all developmental and educational programs is vital to adequately support the technology used.

Our philosophy and foundational knowledge is based on the practice, writings and teachings of Jigoro Kano, Gichin Funakoshi, Morhei Uesheba, and He Il Choi. Many of these ideas were introduced to me by the great master Soon Ho Chang. The practice, philosophy and knowledge base is to be pervasive throughout the organization and all programs.

Our tenets:




Self Control

Indomitable Spirit

One major goal is to re-center the use of highly qualified martial arts instruction to support educational and developmental outcomes rather than uses that are centered on combat, recreation, aesthetics, personal defense, or sportification. These uses are ancillary to the educational and developmental uses and must be employed where appropriate in dosage that is consistent with our priority.

This project has become a great part of my life's work. My work is inspired by those great patriots who have forged the way for us to live as a free people. I am obliged to carry forward this mission. I observe many threats to our precious way of life and perceive a need to vanguard this society with citizens who are able and willing to contribute with the zeal necessary to continue progress.

Salvatore J Sandone


February 3 rd 2009


Zhang Sah offers educational and martial arts programs for children age 4 through adult.



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