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Mission Statement

GlobalVote believes that people all over the world should have a stronger and more powerful voice in decisions that affect them. Using the global connection created by the Internet, GlobalVote encourages the emergence of a communicative global citizenry and establishes a fair, proper, and transparent voting system for democratically assessing global public opinion and uses this data to enhance participation in global decisions.


GlobalVote (www.theglobalvote.org) is an innovative, Internet-based democratic initiative that enhances democracy through shadow voting and polling systems. GlobalVote will empower the world's Internet users by registering their opinions and recording their votes on the world's most pressing issues, including resolutions under consideration at the UN, the World Bank, and the World Trade Organization. GlobalVote takes advantage of the global link provided by the Internet, establishing a fair and proper voting system for assessing global public opinion.

While both the private and public sectors have largely been transformed by use of the Internet, the world's most influential decision-making organizations have not yet fully embraced it. Online networks could potentially allow for fairer representation for the citizens of the 192 member states of the United Nations, but it and the majority of today's multilateral international organizations still operate within the same power structures.

Largely unrepresentative, major international organizations have had a decisive impact on world policy over the past 60 years, but their decisions are made in an exceedingly opaque way. By utilizing innovative, transparent polling systems, GlobalVote advocates for fairer representation, and collects popular opinion on the most important decisions affecting people around the globe.

GlobalVote provides central moderation to the international online community and allows Internet users to express their opinions on current global issues by voting. These votes are transformed into data to inform decision-makers and global citizens worldwide. We believe that if the voice of the international online community is strong enough, politicians and those in power will make more educated decisions based on true public opinion, thereby creating a more open democratic system on both the international and national level.



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