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Mission Statement

Our purpose is is to build the Kingdom of God throught the local church. we want to bring the church to the streets and the streets back into the church; because the streets are not just a geographical location they are also a state of the heart. When a person is broken, hopeless, and full of despair they are "in the streets" even if they live in a mansion!

We bring the churches in the community together with the businesses and organizations and reach out to those in need by serving them and showing them that we care. We make a positive impact in our cities through helping families in need.


A WOW JAM event is a one day event held in a park or other large open location in the city. We set up Easy-Up's and give away food, prizes, new shoes, candy, toys, books to the kids, family photographs, haircuts, just to name a few things to anyone who wants to come and recieve. Everything is done completly free of charge. We then hold a time of music including an "American Idol" contest to participants. After we share the love of God with the community through a sermon. Everything we do is with the goal of bringing love and hope back into our community and letting the "least of these" know that someone out there cares for them.

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by teri m. (2010-06-27 05:26:17.0)
The entire time I couldn't help but feel that the whole thing was a "Steven Tavani" show. It seems like we are there to glorify him and not the Lord. He continued to demean the volunteers by calling us "his" workers or "his" Pastors. We are not there for him, we are there for the Lord.