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Mission Statement

To Empower by means of education, Encourage by means of support and Assist by means of implementation; therefore promoting sustainability within the community


Educational Institute; a legal and community advocacy institution, serves as a connector of resources and opportunities to specialized populations; inclusive of individuals with blemished backgrounds. Our primary effort is to diminish structural barriers by educating, empowering and connecting citizens in programs, services and projects that promote positive outcomes-leading to productive lifestyles, self-sufficiency and totality.

Educational Institute also provides assistance for expungement and petition filings, self-development entreprenuership training and educational programs.

Believing learning can be fun, programs, activities and community events are structured to include fun-filled interactive activities while participants engage in topic-based educational workshops and forums.

Participants include youth, seniors, residential citizens and community advocates whose interest fall within the scope of arts, culture, historical connections, financial literacy, community leadership and organizing.



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Average Review 3 reviews

Would you recommend Educational Institute for Civil Rights & Services?

by Alicia D. from Chicago, IL (2009-11-23 13:22:46.0)
I would recommend the Educational Institute because it provides a true sense of community providing services and support for the englewood community. Working with this organization has allowed me to see englewood from a different perspective and I would recommend it for everyone.
by Asiaha B. from Chicago, IL (2009-11-12 07:24:10.0)
I would recommend this organization due to the mission and work of the Educational Institute. Jenice is also extremely easy to work with and compassionate with all people, its very inspiring!
by Jenice S. from Chicago, IL (Administrator for this Organization) (2009-11-11 11:43:29.0)
The programs offered are extended to everyone with open arms. I personally believe that there is no room for selfishness in our world or lives today and one must challenge themselves and others to reach out to the less fortunate, help those in need, not be discriminative, stand firm in integrity, morals, ethics and respect and more importantly learn how to support and love each other. My experience has proven that those involved with Educational Institute have the same vision and hope as I myself, and to this, I am gratified