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Mission Statement

Is building a safer community by helping at risk youth, ex-offenders and people with substances abuse challenges as they successfully reconnect back into the community. By providing effective training programs, and other services for an every changing community.


We use a community-based systems approach to intervention in the Chicago land communities. Our purpose is to bring impactful, vocational training based on job needs in the communities of Chicago's West Side and surrounding Western Suburban area. We believe that community based intervention allows for a wide range of skills, talents and resources to be applied to our efforts. Furthermore, we view our collaboration as a way to engage public and private funders in supporting impactful, cost-effective Vocational Training that is pulled by the community rather than pushed by assumptions that are often misaligned or incorrect. CURRENT ACTIVITY

Pest Control Management - Training man and women how to be state certified exterminators.The purpose is to training clients in the proper and safe use of pesticides to prevent misuse and to avoid accidents. In addition to providing clients with the most up-to-date new developments in both chemical and non chemical pest control methods. The training sessions help to prepare clients to be successful in passing examinations required for obtaining certification with the state. Training is intended to infuse the client with the necessary background and knowledge required for employable skills and or entrepreneurship. We provide all materials, State of Illinois study manual, CTA/ PACE transit cards. We will assist those clients who have met the requirements for the training in assisting them financial to register for the state certification test and transportation there. We have had 4 clients to take the state test and 2 passed.

Computer Upgrading and Networking Training - The purpose of the microcomputer troubleshooting course is to emphasize the use of the system theory and diagnostic routines. Through activity-based learning students will examine the internal organization of the computer, memory and other PC components. Students will gain hands-on knowledge and troubleshooting capabilities in this vocational training. Training is intended to infuse the students with the necessary background and knowledge required for employable skills and or entrepreneurship. Training is 10 weeks. We provide all materials and CTA/PACE transit cards.

Outreach Service and Prevention Partnership - HIV/AIDS prevention group training and outreach.

Adopt-A-School - where we provide volunteer hours, financial support for special programs and in-kind-donations to a local school. We have assisted with Book Fairs, Grandparents Day, Picture Taking Day and Silent Auctions

Transportation - Our Van travels once a month to selected correctional facilities in Illinois.



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