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Mission Statement

Living Better Lives seeks to improve the lives of impoverished persons in under-developed countries by assisting institutions and providing services that foster self-sufficiency. Our areas of focus are education and literacy, agriculture and health.




Our goals are to support the development of schools initially in the Amhara Region of Ethiopia and also to improve existing schools with infrastructure, maintenance, materials and equipment. Living Better Lives will support programs with an emphasis on Teaching English as a Foreign Language, Environmental and Ecological awareness and Computer Science. Living Better Lives will also support girls in the school, so they are given special affirmative support from an early age, to help address the male-dominated traditional culture and lack of educational opportunities.

Library and Community Center

The goal of the library and community center is to provide an environment that encourages and accommodates extra-curricular activities and education for children and adults. Specifically classes will be taught in the areas of business management, art education, nutrition, health, English as a Foreign Language and vocational training.

"Girls who complete secondary school are up to five times less likely to contract HIV than girls with no education. In Africa, an estimated 22 million girls have never been to primary school. Obstacles such as school fees and poverty hinder the rapid expansion of girls' education. Expanding secondary as well as primary education is critical in combating HIV/AIDS" (taken from AfricaFocus Bulletin 9/23/2006)



The goal of the nursery will be to start production of plants and vegetables for the local community. Trees, plants and vegetables grown in the nursery will be used to provide seeds and clippings to farmers and members of the community as part of a self-sufficiency program and to encourage productive land use. The nursery will cultivate local crops as well as introduce new fruits and vegetables to aid in improving the nutritional diet. Products grown will be used as part of a program to feed the local community by giving food to the poor. Classes will also be provided for local farmers and the community in general. The focus of the instruction will be on gaining self-sufficiency through the use of eco-farming techniques.



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