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Mission Statement

To improve the quality of life of people who are blind, visually impaired, or who have other special needs.


Guide Dog Foundation strives to be the leading resource and provider of premier services to facilitate the independence of people who are blind or visually impaired. The Guide Dog Foundation also plans to be the standard by which the military and the VA measure assistance dog providers, and America's VetDogs (VetDogs) is our way of recognizing the sacrifice made by our men and women in uniform.


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by Erin S. (2016-01-13 18:03:27.0)
I have been volunteering as a weekend puppy raiser with Americas Vetdogs since 2014. It is easily the most rewarding volunteer experience I have ever done. I selfishly love having a puppy in my home on the weekends, and I have been able to watch 1, and soon a second, puppy grown into a very well trained service dog for a wounded veteran. I was so incredibly proud to see my first dog graduate and be matched with his veteran handler. There is such flexibility as a weekend raiser that I am very confident that I will continue to volunteer in the future.
by Elaine L. from Wellesley, MA (2012-07-26 02:32:36.0)
I have had two assistance dogs, which are distinguished from guide dogs by their skills in helping with mobility. The benefits of a service dog, a guide dog, an assistance dog, a hearing dog, a seizure alert dog or any dog that helps keep a person with a disability maintain safety is good sense, good healthcare and just plain smart! I just lost my assistance dog to cancer after I provided increasingly complex nursing care for him over the course of nearly a year. We, persons with disabilities because of sight, mobility, hearing, or post traumatic stress need service dogs - we need you to help us be more independent. We will in turn be ambassadors for all the persons with disability who come after us. They will have an easier road because of what you have contributed in volunteer time, money, or just information that is accurate, preserves our dignity by calling us persons first before any health label, and well intentioned. Service dogs, all service dogs save lives!
by Sasha T. from Riverhead, NY (2010-09-27 19:59:21.0)
I think everyone with special needs should have the same opportunities as people without special needs. Dogs are amazing creatures and if they can have a job thats great for the dog and the person they are helping.