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Mission Statement

What is Urban Game Changer? Urban Game Changer is dedicated to raising the voices of everyday people, neighborhood by neighborhood, so that our children have stronger communities and expanded opportunities to learn how to start a small business and improve their lives by creating less government influence and increase the accountability of the programs that are already in place. The process can happen by holding elected officials accountable for the communities they represent. The UGC strategy enables civic leaders, businesses, and citizens to play a meaningful role in creating communities that enrich people’s lives.


Urban Game Changer is on a quest to identify, groom, train and support local leaders, grassroots candidates, and individuals who believe in the importance of fairness and equal opportunity. UGC helps to find urban candidates who will invest in our education infrastructure to secure the American standards of innovation, excellence, and competition, in order to grow businesses and create prosperous jobs.

We support candidates who promote national security policies that keep our nation safe and secure our nation’s position as a respected country. We look for candidates who are aware and will be accountable to their communities without the added burden to citizens by raising taxes and relinquishing their power to our government. We will not tolerate elected officials who continue "sleeping at the wheel", and stepping of the backs of the people in urban communities.

Our headquarters are in California, which is home of the world’s eighth largest economy; and our former Golden State has been tarnished over the last several years, resulting in citizens losing their jobs, their homes, and fleeing to places where they believe they will find greener pastures. The UGC is dedicated to protecting these people in hopes to improve their communities and rid the need to relocate to other states.

The UGC seeks to give our children stronger and safer communities, expand opportunities to ensure the growth of small businesses, and create smaller, but stronger local governments to increase personal responsibility.



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