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Mission Statement

Desperate For Respite is a non-profit charitable corporation as well as a Community Development Organization whose purpose is to provide respite care and support for caregiving families of children and dependent adults with special needs through a monthly Caregivers Night Out program, a weekly Schedule-it Respite program and a Crisis Respite program. Desperate For Respite works with other businesses, government and organizations within our community to gather resources for caregivers and their families while also educating and bringing awareness about the importance and benefits of respite.


Desperate For Respite purposes to:

* provide Caregiver Night Out (CNO) respite care for children and dependent adults of primary caregivers and their families, once per month for 4 hours starting in May of 2011.

* work with area churches, government, businesses and other organizations to bring awareness of the desperate need for respite care and the benefits of supporting community-based respite care programs.

* educate and bring awareness to caregivers and their families for their need for respite care and the benefits of utilizing a community respite care programs.

* work with local advocacy, resource, support, health and social service agencies to help provide caregivers and their families with the necessary resources, support and networking information to help them reach their goals.

* develop a schedule-it respite (SIR) care program where caregivers can schedule appointments for respite so that they can care for their own and/or their other family members health, social, emotional and/or spiritual needs.

* develop Accessible Care Teams (ACT) to build relationships with caregiving families and community members. ACT will provide support, friendship and will include a crisis respite program where caregivers and/or their loved ones can reach out to in time of crisis. (Including website, phone and email support, home visits, access to resources and information, emergency respite and/or critical situation respite.)

* Accept donations, apply for grants and raise funds to become successful at keeping the cost of providing respite at a minimum so that it will be accessible and affordable to all who need it.



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by cathy w. (2009-07-29 13:42:07.0)
Working with Denise and the Joy team was a very rewarding experience. God can use what little you have and impact these special needs kids in a big way!!!