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Mission Statement

Amarillo SPCA is committed to finding loving adoring families for our dogs and cats.

We are fierce in our attempts to place our dogs and cats with humans, but are extremely careful with who can adopt and have a rigorous pre-adoption regimen.

If our dogs and cats need to stay while we find them the perfect new home, Amarillo SPCA is ready and willing with loving volunteers, shelter manager, and a Board that will spoil the pets silly with love, long walks, grooming, play time and unconditional companionship.

Amarillo SPCA also provides discount coupon for the community to encourage spaying and neutering, as well as providing the service of microchipping their pet at a discounted price.

Adopting an animal from Amarillo SPCA costs money, which goes toward the spay and neuter, microchipping and shots started.

Amarillo SPCA is determined to send our animals to their final loving home, but only to those who deserve our animals!


Amarillo SPCA gets our animals from a variety of places -- mostly from people that find dogs or cats that have been abandoned. Our shelter also goes daily to the local pound who is forced to put down animals and takes those poor animals that were doomed, and welcomes them into our NO KILL home.

Every animal deserves a second chance. Period.

We give the animals their initial shots, bathe and feed them, and give them a warm bed to sleep in. With help from our volunteers and Board, these animals are pampered as often and as much as possible. We have large play areas and dog runs for the animals.

Each year we have Muttfest which is our #1 fundraiser. 2009's theme is Woof Stock and we have been given a BMW to raffle. We have silent auctions and large restaurants around Amarillo provide all the food, with Coke and Coors providing the beverages. We also have famous entertainment, and SkyHoundz performs each year as a regional competition.

We go to Petsmart and Petco on Saturdays and Sundays respectively, as well as do adoptions at our shelter 5 days a week.

We have a vet on call for us that is absolutely the best vet ever -- Dr. Kerry Don Demere.

There is nothing we won't do for our dogs and cats! Nothing.

For those older animals that may never find a home, we are committed to constructing a Pet Sanctuary in Amarillo and are working on funding to raise $2 million dollars so they can live out the remainder of their lives at a resort.



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Average Review 5 reviews

Would you recommend Amarillo SPCA?

by Ladonna M. (2012-10-06 07:30:46.0)
We got our forever buddy Willie at SPCA. Our family wouldn't be the same without him. He is an older Dachshund with bad teeth so I thought he would probably not get adopted by anyone. We love him so much! Thanks SPCA for saving him!
by Jodie R. from TX (2012-09-02 23:50:25.0)
This organization works really hard to keep their animals and volunteers happy. Sometimes it's tough but we stick it through and try to give our animals to the bests homes available. This is a great place to volunteer at with kind people and great animals. Don't be afraid to get to know them!
by L C. (2012-07-23 11:25:56.0)
They *may* be animal friendly, but are definitely NOT people friendly. There hours are inconvenient for most working people and even though there is someone there, they will not work with you to try and adopt a pet. They may or may not answer the phone when you call. The bearded old man that apparently heads the place is an absolute jerk. If you show up 10 minutes before closing, they STILL WILL NOT let you look around unless you know specifically which pet you are looking for.
by Kya W. (2010-10-01 06:51:39.0)
I love animals all animals and i would love to volunteer at a place that i know i am doing this because i represents me, not just for the heck of it.
by Amber G. (2009-09-08 13:15:15.0)
Because this organization does not kill any of the animals that live there and i think that is a fantastic thing to have.