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Mission Statement

Opportunity Farm for Boys & Girls helps at-risk Maine youth become self-reliant, responsible and contributing adults. In fulfilling it mission, Opportunity Farm provides year round supportive family-style homes with a structured program that emphasizes accountability and responsibility


Opportunity Farm has had the same consistent mission for 99 years. It is one of the oldest orgranizations in Maine tht has been serbving children and families regardless of their ability to pay for services.Since 1910, Opportunity Farm has provided safe, stable, supportive homes to Maine 's at-risk youth and given them a second chance at succeeding in school and helps create a plan for the future. Opportunity Farm raises the aspirations of these families who are working poor and have live in poverty for generations. The staff helps develop their potential so that they may provide themselves with productive futures,and stability within their families and communities.

Opportunity Farm is the only institution in Maine that intervenes early--well before troubled youths reach the point of crisis that leads to state custody or incarceration--and makes a long-term commitment to their personal development, provides full financial aid and remains connected to the families. Opportunity Farm has always been open to youth of all backgrounds--regardless of a family's race, religion, or financial status. No youth is turned away from Opportunity Farm because of family finances. And every boy and girl who comes to the Farm can count on the same thing: caring and careful adult supervision, a well-structured daily routine that includes a good mix of chores and fun, physical activity and rest, professional tutoring and regular studying; and individual counseling to help him confront the emotional challenges s/he faces.

Families served by Opportunity farm can possess one or more of the following characteristics - impoverished, low-income or working poor families are served; domestic violence, neglect, or abuse present in many of the homes served by Opportunity Farm; orphaned children - not living with a parent; family member with active drug or alcohol problems; primary care takers or guardians disabled (physically or emotionally);grandparents who have been raising the child and have become overwhelmed; mental health problems in immediate family; parent/guardian or other member(s) of the family incarcerated; children who have been traumatized; families that have moved in and out of homelessness, have moved frequently, and/or have not had a stable, consistent place to live. Opportunity Farm works directly with the child's family throughout the time the child lives at Opportunity Farm. This involves close contact with the family on a weekly basis. After graduation from high school, Opportunity Farm provides substantial financial assistance to those attending college or community college as well s continued counseling and guidance.



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