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Mission Statement

Newark Renaissance House is a private not-for-profit community based organization. We serve clients, families and the community through innovative and multidisciplinary programs that treat the disease of addiction and the behavioral, mental health and lifestyle issues associated with this disease.


Newark Renaissance House, Inc. (NRH) is a specialized therapeutic community designed to meet the unique needs of adolescents, pregnant women and women with children, who are suffering from the devastating affects of substance abuse, and the destructive behavioral, mental health and lifestyle issues associated with this disease. Our services, both residential and outpatient, provided through this specialized modality, empower our clients toward long-term recovery and the achievement of their full potential for success.

Established as a drug-free, residential therapeutic community in July 1975, NRH began with twenty adult male and female clients and five staff members. Since its founding, programs at NRH have continually evolved to meet the needs of a growing chemically dependent population and we have concentrated our programs and services on those least empowered in society: women and children. Over the years our facilities have been enlarged and programs added to combat the spread of HIV infection and AIDS.

Today, NRH is licensed for 60 adolescent beds and 26 adult females with their children and we have a staff of 44 full-time and 28 part-time employees, with 5 volunteers. We still maintain our original, donated building from 1980. But now, we also have a second residential building as well as our ambulatory care facility, both of which we constructed and own.



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by forsaken c. (2010-12-16 09:10:21.0)
The facility was intended to help hard core drug addicts. They treat young adults, a few older and mothers with children to age five. What troubles one the most is how a well adjusted normal child with no behavioral problems is subjected to other children who came from abusive neglectful households often displaying emotional and mental scares. It sad to see any parent fall to drugs but when they did raise their child correctly it is to that child's determent to be placed in such an environment when they are doing very well in the average daycare and are bright and happy. The parent made the mistake but the child need not suffer or be ruined by such draconian placements. It would be best to address each parents specific problems better when a child is involved especially when the child does not need the help or the experience that will scare him for life.
by kenja j. from perth amboy, NJ (2009-11-18 08:40:09.0)
I am a former client of nrh and while at my stay there it was very diffucult at first i didn't want any help from no one there i didn't need any help from no one there at least that's what i thought.I learned if you wanted help you had to let that guard down and ask for it and than accept it when given to you.One very important thing don't tell help how to help you.And when you receive the help it feels so good a releif comes over you.It's not easy but give yourself a chance you deserve it.Thanks to the staff at NRH i am so grateful.My life means something to me now.I'm living today.