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Mission Statement

Kindred Souls Foundation provides sanctuary to abandoned, abused, and neglected cats and dogs of all ages, a holistic approach to their care, and education on the rewards and responsibilities of animal companionship.


Kindred Souls Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization committed to animal welfare advocacy. Through our specially designed programs, community involvement, and networking with other organizations, we strive to ensure all animals with whom we come into contact are given the opportunity to be loved and well cared for.

Providing Sanctuary
Sanctuary is provided to animals in need through various means:

Screened Foster Homes
Carefully selected homes are found for the animals through our list of pre-screened Foster Families. Kindhearted people who understand the intense commitment of caring for dogs and cats of all ages (some with medical needs) are recruited to assist with temporary placement.

Screened Adoptions
It is our belief that animal companions should not be placed in a home until the home and adopting family have been screened. We require that an application be completed and reviewed; a supervised visit between the animal companion and all family members take place; and a home inspection be done prior to the adoption approval.

Animal Welfare Agency Networking
We work conjointly with other animal welfare organizations to find the best possible placement for animals in need.

No-Kill Sanctuary
Through our networking and resources we plan to obtain land for a No-Kill Sanctuary in Washington State.

Providing Holistic Care
Our approach to the animal's care addresses all interdependent parts of his/her being:

Chamber's Creek Veterinary Hospital (CCVH) and MercyVet provide the medical care needed by an animal while in our care.

Proper nutrition and exercise are critical components of a healthy lifestyle. Our vets provide each animal with a Well Pet Exam and recommendations for a proper diet and physical activity. We promote holistic foods for our animal companions.

To be accepted into social situations animals need to learn special skills. We work with the animals on those skills to help them with their interactions with humans and other animals.

We want all animals with whom we come into contact to feel special and loved. One-on-one nurturing gives them confidence to greet the world with a renewed sense of hope.

What makes your soul happy? We ask that question to all animals who cross our path and look for families who will provide them with joy for the rest of their lives.

Providing Education
Providing education on the rewards and responsibilities of animal companionship is vital to our mission. Many of us have experienced how the purr of a cat slows our heart rate or how the smile of a dog induces a smile of our own. These are great rewards of bringing an animal into our lives. What is not innately learned is the importance of the responsibilities that we take on when bringing an animal into
our care.

Our educational component brings the reality of responsibly caring for an animal companion to our community. The financial obligations, the time commitment, and the emotional investment are important factors to understand when making the decision to bring an animal into your life.



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