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Mission Statement

A program that inspires students and their families to follow their educational dreams, raise their personal expectations, and provide critical support when needed, while focusing on academic and cultural enrichment, mentoring, parental involvement, development of "life-skills," internships and community service.


Capstone Experience, Inc established in 2008, is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization working to increase family involvement by connecting families with community organizations within Minnesota. Our purpose is to empower, guide and lead youth toward economically bright futures. Our goal is to inspire students to follow their dreams, raise their personal expectations, and provide critical support when needed through communication (networking), and commitment to service and advocacy. To accomplish their goals, the youth and their families will participate in holistic-based training to maintain everyday needs for common goals, by providing opportunities that train, strengthen and develop personal leadership skills. Capstone Experience, Inc is an organization that will prove that when families and communities connect the result will benefit the youth. The goal of the organization is to give opportunities for parental involvement with the component of community integration. Capstone Experience, Inc will focus primarily on those in grades 6th through 12th grade, and their families. Therefore, continuing the collaboration of community action within the urban community through service-learning projects. Our services will improve the ability of students to become self-sufficient with the tools and skills learned through our classes, workshops, and mentorships. Determining realistic goals that can be achieved through training will build self-esteem and self confidence. Capstone Experience, Inc will engage students by rewarding them with the opportunity to receive scholarships for participating and completing the program. Ultimately, our program will create a learning environment that will be an important resource to young people and their families.



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