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Mission Statement

PRESERVATION AMERICA TRUST Historic structures and their landscapes, which record and inform important elements of the history and culture of America, are rapidly disappearing. Those remaining are both greatly diminished in number, and the existence of those which remain is subject to a variety of lethal threats. Preservation America is an institution devoted to the preservation, conservation, and, maintenance of one irreplaceable example of our nations heritage, GLEN MARY PLANTATION at Sparta, Georgia. Glen Mary Plantation represents the history of Southern plantation life and the diverse elements, which depict that life, and is the concrete manifestation of the implementation of the goals of Preservation America. The processes by which these goals are accomplished are complex and multifaceted, including acquisition of fragmented elements, restoration of this national treasures to its authentic state, enlisting government assistance, development of community participation, to name but a few. Authenticity in the process is central to the endeavor. Thus very high standards of research, documentation, material selection, craftsmanship, and architectural accuracy form the underpinnings for all planning and activity of Preservation America. These are attained in major part by the engagement and involvement of highly trained and well schooled experts in various related fields, such as cultural historians, period landscaping designers and architects richly knowledgeable in the architecture of the era involved, as well as knowledgeable experts on eco-design . Also central to attaining these goals is the development of programs of specialized education both for academics as well as other persons with interests in ecology and the environment, heritage agriculture and horticulture, America's cultural history, and preservation. The availability of these educational activities will nurture and assure the continuity of this important endeavor and reduce the potential for further attrition of these cultural monuments through apathy or inactivity in the future. Preservation America embraces the philosophy of environmentally responsible "sustainable design" as a holistic approach to historic preservation. Historic buildings, such as Glen Mary, already reveal common sustainable practices such as considerate solar and wind orientation--abundant natural light, usage of local materials and natural heating and cooling capabilities. Understanding that the focus of sustainable design celebrates stewardship and historic practices, our educational programs are designed to investigate and implement whole-building integrated design practices. The opportunity to create an environment that is conducive to the production of non-toxic, sustainable and organic farm products is a continued focal as well. . Preservation America is committed to fostering an understanding and appreciation of the Glen Mary's architecture and landscape, its history and the important personages who inhabited Glen Mary Plantation. This will be accomplished through education, dissemination of information and opening Glen Mary to the public for viewing. Through these means, Preservation America accepts the stewardship of Glen Mary Plantation, an asset which has been entrusted to us to be protected for the benefit of future generations In a word, Glen Mary's principal public benefit is in the preservation and perpetuation of this nationally significant landmark for generations to come and its availability for inspection and study by the public.


Preservation America is a non-profit charitable educational trust, organized under IRS Section 501 c 3. We are an institution devoted the preservation, conservation and maintenance of one irreplaceable example of our nation's heritage, Glen Mary Plantation at Sparta, Georgia. Our activities include restoring Glen Mary and its cultural landscape, opening the property for public viewing, as well as for opening the site for educational and cultural purposes.



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