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Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide a forever home for the domestic animals that we kept even after we stopped being a non profit center. These animals are not adoptable by normal rescue standards and we refuse to kill them just because we could not find them a home. Our vet, Dr. Tom Ricks of Town and Country Aniimal Hospital in Hattiesburg, Ms works with us to keep them living as long as they can as long as they are happy and pain free.

Our mission is also to make sure that if you would like to adopt one of our animals you and him/her are completly compatable. You must pass our matching system. Most of our animals are 'special needs' and we want to make sure if they get adopted that you are completly aware of the animals needs and requirments and are capable of doing what is best for their condition. Most of all we want to make sure you two bond perfectly.


We all live together on a large farm. The animals are not only our friends but our family members. Some of them live in the house with us while others prefer to run around freely. Some of them are kept in fenced yards for their own protection or the protection of others. We do not keep our dogs in cages or in small pens unless it is for their protection.

We never put an animal on a chain or a runner.

I, Dianne, almost always have something to sell to help raise money to feed, medicate and house these animals. Sometimes I have things on ebay and during growing season I always have some organic veggies to sell. If you are interested in keeping up with what is for sale please email me at DianneLBlueberry@hotmail.com and I will let you know when I put something up for sale.



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