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Mission Statement

My Himachal joins hands with Indian and foreign physicians to provide child health care and nutritional education in remote villages of Himachal Pradesh. My Himachal also provide scholarships to poor and deserving students every year. Besides these activities My Himachal has also been instrumental in providing basic health care and nutritional training to local women in rural Himachal. My Himachal in association with students from SP Jain Institute of Management of Research (Mumbai) has carried out studies on various issues like "health of the traditional Kullu weaving industry" revealing startling facts on these issues. My Himachal makes recommendations to the local government on the bases of these studies, leading to a swift action by the government.


Community Care

  • "Health Education and Amenities"
  • (i) Provide facilities and opportunities in the identified villages/towns of Himachal Pradesh for health, veterinary health, and formal and informal education with emphasis on women and child education and healthcare.

    (ii) Improve the identification, appraisal, implementation and evaluation of developmental or income generation programs (especially for the poor and rural women) so that they better address the livelihood priorities of the communities in identified villages of H.P.

  • "Culture and Tradition"
  • (iii) Facilitate protection and awareness generation (with the consent of the local community) of the identified objects, structures and sites of cultural, historic and archaeological importance in H.P with an objective of research around such cultural heritage and promotion of the public visitation.

    (iv) Help establish network of local people with deep knowledge and interest in local culture and tradition, and make the My Himachal the hub of these values as a means to showcase it to the people living abroad.

    (v) Establish teaching and research facilities, libraries, reading facilities, study circles and also to publish articles, journals, books, letters and audio-video materials related to culture and history of Himachal Pradesh.

    (vi) Support other Organizations and Centres around the world who are promoting culture, values and principals of Himachali community.

  • "Economic Prosperity"
  • (vii) Assess the strengths and assets of the natural resource dependent community members (especially the rural poor and women) in the identified sites in H.P. to establish explicit links between the My Himachal's plan activities and livelihood priorities of these people.

    (viii) Facilitate organizing of sustainable community based organizations, user groups of rural poor and women, preferably with strong linkages to the local village councils known as Panchayats. Establish the environmental conservation efforts at Panchayat level through the consultative process.

Environment Care

  • "Environment Database and Monitoring"
  • (ix) Assess and help maintain the naturalness of the selected/identified sites in Himachal Pradesh (areas of environmental interest including existing national parks, Wildlife Sanctuaries) to the maximum possible extent with emphasis on environmental services such as climate change, adequate quality and flow of water, animal migration, etc through the ski areas.

Outreach, Research and Institution Building

    (x) Provide opportunities for healthy and constructive outdoor recreation for regional and foreign visitors, and to serve as elements for ecologically sustainable tourism development including development of high quality Nature Information & Recreation Centres at selected/identified places in H.P.

    (xi) Develop new ones or collaborate with existing institutions in Himachal Pradesh to carry out various activities of My Himachal

    (xii) Develop a capacity building Program for the organisers/implementers of Health Mela and other activities of My Himachal on the basis of local wise practices and experiential learning, especially with reference to the new employment generation activities for the youth in H.P.

    (xiii) Strengthen the existing ones and identify the new partnership opportunities between the My Himachal and H.P. Govt. to develop/enhance accountability, transparency and good governance within the voluntary sector (NGOs) in H.P.

    (xiv) Integrate functions and achievements of the activities carried out by My Himachal and assess the effect on social and environment status by establishing a strong communication through the website/other means such as newsletter and reports of achievements, anecdotes by guests and other news items that would interest the Non-Resident Himachalis and the Himachalis alike.

    (xv) Encourage Youths in the participation and activities of My Himachal.

    (xvi) Conduct/facilitate research on social and ecological issues to support the My Himachal's agenda on community and environment cares. In addition, specific problem solving investigations would have to be undertaken wherever My Himachal encounters issues or conflicts in both community and environment care functioning.



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