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Mission Statement

The mission of Iranian Alliances Across Borders (IAAB) is to strengthen the Iranian diaspora community and empower its youth. In particular, Iranian Alliances Across Borders strives to:

  • Raise awareness of the Iranian culture and community;
  • Promote leadership in the Iranian diaspora community, with a specific focus on the younger generation; and
  • Connect Iranians across a variety of borders.


IAAB is the first NGO of its kind created by second-generation hyphenated Iranians to address issues related to our diaspora. Our international conferences provide unprecedented opportunities for our community members to gather in a public setting and openly discuss issues that pertain specifically to our widespread community. From the open dialogue shared at these conferences, new challenges and issues have been raised and IAAB has begun to address these in the creation of several new projects, aimed at encouraging dialogue across our diasporic borders, as well as across borders within our own communities. For more information, please see our project descriptions. In addition, with its youth and leadership initiatives, IAAB addresses the new generation of young, hyphenated Iranians - meaning youth that are raised and sometimes born outside of Iran, yet still share elements of Iranian or hybridized culture and way of life.

The bi-annual Conference on the Iranian Diaspora seeks to bring together scholars, students, and members of the global community to discuss the current state, accomplishments, and future of the Iranian diaspora community. Speakers from all over the world sit on panels, each with a specific topic, to discuss their accomplishments and work on their areas of expertise. Past topics of discussion at the conference have included identity, gender, migration, community-building, leadership, and much more.

Camp Ayandeh creates a positive, inclusive environment in which each camper has the opportunity to grow and develop as members of a larger community. Campers will meet and socialize with other Iranian-Americans, developing lasting friendships. Camp Ayandeh equips young Iranian-Americans with leadership skills that enables them to shape their own communities.

Camp Ayandeh is a non-political and non-religious camp, and is open to all races and all creeds. While all activities are in English and no prior knowledge of Farsi is needed, some basic words and concepts are introduced through activities.



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