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Mission Statement

We are providing scooters and electric wheel chairs for free to veterans.

Can you help us find those who need Mobility?

We are preparing to put on several fund raising events, throughout the United States late this fall or early winter.

However we need a few good men or woman who for one reason or another couldn't afford one or been turned down for a Power chair or Scooter to make life better for them.

I have an attached letter from the marketing consultant who is working on this with me who lives in Southern Florida.

Mobility 4 Veterans is an Arizona Not for Profit Organization.

Each Veteran will have his or her own fund raising event held in their behalf, in order to raise the funds to purchase a Rascal Power chair or Scooter. We will need the cooperation of each Veteran to build a story about them, in order to get the number of fund raisers to come out to support these Veterans for their event. Can you help us find 1, 2 or more Veterans in your area!!!

I know what it's like to be non mobile because before I got my power chair I was homebound with a manual wheel chair
and couldn't propel myself around. I have been in a Power chair or Scooter for over the last 12 years due to late
affects of Post Polio syndrome!!!

Please read the attached letter, it will tell you who we might get to come join us in this endeavor, since the senior
consultant for that project is now helping Mobility 4 Veterans.
Sincerely, Alvin D. LeMar, my phone number is > 1-520-777-9016 <


A letter from our consultant for this project:

Dear Fellow Concerned Veterans,

I am writing this on behalf of Mobility 4 Veterans and Alvin D. LeMar. Let me first say I am proud to be part
of what Alvin is doing with his organization to help Veterans who are in need of mobility units, but cannot afford
them. There may be some who forget the service of those who answer the call, but most Americans are like Alvin
and I, we realize we owe our freedom to our service men and women.

Alvin's father served in the Army, and received a Purple Heart for being wounded in WWll. When Alvin turned 18 he
tried to enlist even though he was wearing a long legged brace at that time. He was denied due to Polio, and for
the last 12 years he has been confined to a power chair.

Because he knows the power these units have to improve the mental well being, and standard of living of those
who receive them, Alvin has a strong desire to get as many units out to those Veterans who need them. In fact,
over the years Alvin and his trust have provided over 300 mobility units free of charge to recipients all over the

The Scooter Store and Electric Mobility Company have both teamed up with Alvin and the Mobility 4 Veterans to provide chairs at the lowest possible cost to the foundation so The Mobility 4 Veterans Could
turn around and provide them at no cost to those who need them.

But there is a sad truth here. Even though the Mobility 4 Veterans has been providing these mobility
units as fast as they can, it's not fast enough. Too many Veterans suffer far too long without mobility. Mobility 4
Veterans currently does not have a way to get enough of the names and contact information of the Veterans
who need Mobility Units. We need to get the word out in a big way to raise the funds to buy units for Veterans who
need them.

It can be much harder to get people involved to help one person in need, than to get a lot of people to come out to
help with a big problem that demonstrates a lot of people in need. That is where we are. We need to let people
know how big the problem is, and that our Veterans need our help. They can't be left behind when it comes to the
best treatment and best medical devices such as Mobility Units, if that is what they need to have the best possible
standard of life.

If I have my liberty because of the service men and women of this country, the least I can do is make sure they have
some freedom to get around their homes and neighborhoods when suffering from health problems.

We need help in getting a list of those Veterans so we can learn what their stories are. Use the stories in a way that
educates the public and helps raise the funds so that Mobility 4 Veterans can provide as many mobility
units as possible.

Please contact me soon.

Matthew Fiorenza

Finding Prime, Inc
11100 SW 93rd Court Road
Suite 10-137
Ocala, FL 34481



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