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Mission Statement

Health Interests Rights Needs is a non-profit organization that provide a free service to our community as well as surrounding communities concerning all aspects of a person health, interests, rights and needs no matter what. Whether that's given funds our support, or time and energy to health clinics and organization, art and music programs, civil rights programs and organizations, as well as food drive, clothes drives, assist the homeless with shelter and many other great causes


BEHIND THE NAME & PURPOSE: Many ask why the name ''Health Interests Rights Needs Program" and the meaning behind it? First off, I believe the name of an organization, company, cooperation, group, etc. should reflect the vision and purpose of any kind of establishment 100% accurate. Starting the thought process desiring to create something great beyond myself I knew I wanted to be apart of something universal and not limited or exclusive but rather inclusive to all. Therefore I began to create what I desire to be apart of. I knew I had to have a name and purpose that is inclusive and universal so that when Health Interests Rights Needs Program was created in 2011, Some will ask how does the name and purpose of Health Interests Rights Needs Program represent inclusiveness and universality for all. We all as human beings have four things in common, that is our health, our interests, our rights, and our needs regardless to sex, race , religion , creed or sexual orientation. Our purpose is not to focus primarily on just a single aspect but to be a beacon of support and service in our community and surrounding communities to everybody's health, interests, rights, and needs because we know a person's health, interests, rights and needs may change due to life situations therefore this is why we are Inclusive and Universal.


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