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Mission Statement

Green Our Planet runs the largest school garden program in the U.S. Our overall goal is to help conserve, protect, and improve the environment through funding green projects and through education, which includes STEM, nutrition and conservation education in K-12 schools.


Green Our Planet (GoP) is a creative, entrepreneurial, non-profit conservation organization that operates a free environmental crowdfunding platform and also runs the largest school garden program in the United States. Based in Las Vegas, Nevada, GoP offers a unique funding and educational model to help individuals and organizations reach their mission goals, while supporting innovative education and conservation efforts. GoP achieves its mission by actively partnering with foundations, individuals, organizations and corporations to collectively create positive impact in environmental education and change. Through its environmental crowdfunding platform, Green Our Planet simultaneously offers the public an opportunity to both learn about environmental challenges and to help fund green projects that can help solve some of those challenges.

To learn more, please visit: http://www.greenourplanet.org/learning/school-gardens


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by petronella B. (May 21, 2017)
Because you are working to make the whole world better and not only the U.S. most organizations promoting green programs are just concentrating in their countries. What about us in Africa how will we learn about going green if we don't have access to information and resources? You are doing a recommendable job. Keep it up!I love the works you are doing, more especially school gardens it's a good idea I would love to introduce it in our local schools. I like also the crowd funding program it enables organizations to achieve their dreams.