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Mission Statement


  • To provide brand-new, high quality books to the children and youth of Erie County, from birth to age 18.


  • To encourage life-long reading and learning among the children and youth of Erie County.
  • To promote in-home reading by parents to their children.
  • To encourage schools to promote in-home reading programs.
  • To make the community aware of the need for books in homes, home reading programs, and life-long learning.


Once upon a time . . .

A group of grown-ups in Erie thought how wonderful it would be if every child in Erie owned his or her own books. So they began an organization called Books for Kids. That was in 1990.

So what did they do?

They got a whole bunch of brand-new, really good books and gave them away to children whose parents couldn't afford to buy books. Sounds neat, doesn't it?
Guess how many books they've given away to children in Erie county?

Over 150,000!


  • Books for Kids works with other non-profit agencies serving the economically disadvantaged to distribute books to children and youth who need them.
  • Books for Birthdays provides outlets where parents or other care-givers may choose up to three books per year for a child's birthday or other occasion.
  • Speaker's Bureau provides representatives of Books for Kids to organizations and groups that want to learn more about literacy and the work of Books for Kids.


  • Fund raising through direct mail, newspaper, television, and radio appeals to individuals, companies, and organizations; by newsletter communication with membered by matching funds programs with General Electric and Lutheran Brotherhood, by weekly bingo games at MECA, by applying for grants from appropriate agencies, and by direct collection at retail outlets.
  • Publicity through our newsletter, brochures, presentations, flyers, radio and television appearances.
  • Book acquisition in small part by receiving books from our national headquarters in New York City but mainly by purchasing books at retail outlets locally or through the Erie Book Store.
  • Book distribution primarily out of our storage area at 7th and Peach to non-profit groups, secondarily through three Books for Birthdays outlets.
  • Encouraging reading through the speaker's bureau, publicity efforts, brochures, and the newsletter.



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by Traci T. from Erie, PA (Administrator for this Organization) (2009-02-20 07:43:37.0)
I am proud to serve as the (volunteer) Vice President of the Board of Directors for this organization. We have distributed more than 180,000 books and we do this great work with incredibly limited resources. Volunteers make this organization as strong, critical, and successful as it is today.