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Mission Statement

Our mission: is to provide all children at risk an opportunity to develop self-esteem, self-reliance, and po-social behavior in hopes that we can foster the importance of living together in harmony. Our ultimate goal is to break the poverty crime cycly.We strive to accomplish our mission by outings, back-to-school shopping, christmas assistance, and lastbut not least camp. The camping experience that we offer is geared to fun and challenging outdoor activities so the children can learn to work together. Make choices, take responsibiltiy for those choices, develop creative skills, and gain confidence in themselves.Local police offices and adult volunteers provide positive role models for the children. Through the use of camp we can reach out to the children and encourage them to dream of a brighter and bluer horizon.Until someone reaches out to the poor kids of the city and allows them to see a brighter horizon, there will always be drug dealers and dope kings.


As a Louisville Police Officer who patrolled the streets of inner city Louisville, I watched as hundreds of children wandered the streets aimlessly, all hours of the day and night --- children who are struggling because of their environment and their family's low income --- kids who come from broken homes and have only one parent to depend on. You could look in their eyes and see the emptiness, hopelessness, and despair that seem to shadow them. I realized these children need a dream- a brighter horizon --- something they could lood forward to, a world beyond the harsh environment that surrounds them. To give them this dream a group of police officers began talking and working with these children. An opportunity then came where we had a chance to open a summer camp for kids. We started and have been operating a camp since 1989, allowing the children to dream of the future.

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