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ICAN, International Cancer Advocacy Network

Cause Area

  • Advocacy & Human Rights
  • Board Development
  • Health & Medicine
  • Seniors
  • Women


c/o ICAN Program ServicesPhoenix, AZ 85051 United States

Organization Information

Mission Statement

ICAN seeks to accelerate the anticancer drug pipeline, from lab to patient, through our unique Program Services including patient advocacy and clinical trials programs--working with oncologists and cancer researchers on drug discovery and drug development initiatives that will ultimately benefit Stage IV patients. We need smart, highly motivated, and friendly volunteers interested in joining our Research, Graphic Design and Web Development departments, and public policy and legislative affairs areas. ICAN has received the "Top Rated Health Care Nonprofit Award" each year since the founding of Great Nonprofits. ICAN is Platinum rated for accountability and transparency on GuideStar--the highest rating.


ICAN is proud of our effective board governance and our highly acclaimed special events. We are also extremely proud of our 24/7/365 Program Services staff, our volunteers who span 17 time zones, as well as our energized boards and councils. ICAN is truly making a difference in the War on Cancer on multiple levels. ICAN's staff, led by our CEO Marcia Horn, a former commercial litigator and appellate lawyer, looks forward to working with you and will do everything possible to make sure that your time is used wisely. We highly value your volunteer commitment of whatever time you wish to devote to our vitally important mission and strategic vision. We attract exceptionally talented undergraduate, graduate, post-doc, and medical students, hard-working stay-at-home moms, dads, and grandparents, and professionals from every career imaginable--whether currently employed or having been laid off yet still wanting to devote productive hours to a great cause such as ICAN. Our volunteer slots are virtual and unpaid, meaning you work from your own home or office.


Would you recommend ICAN, International Cancer Advocacy Network?
36 reviews Write a review
by Jasmine M. from Houston, TX (August 15, 2018)
This was an amazing opportunity!
by Sarah Y. from Mesa, AZ (July 10, 2018)
This is a great organization to lend your time to! I enjoyed it very much. I wish I could've given more to this opportunity before the demands of my full-time job superseded that chance.
by Kimberly T. from MI (June 27, 2015)
I had such a positive experience volunteering with ICAN. They care deeply of the efforts by their volunteers. I will definitely work with ICAN again. Thank you for making my volunteer experience a good one.
by Elizabeth R. (October 4, 2013)
ICAN is a great place for volunteers. ICAN provides great learning opportunities. ICAN is currently in need of funding to continue their research progress so that they can continue to help patients as that continues to be ICAN's top priority.
by M T. (October 1, 2013)
ICAN has some of the most talented, dedicated people I have had the pleasure to work with. ICAN has extremely motivated and dedicated staff passionate about their work, provides truly supportive and selfless service to their patients and has an autonomous work environment. I have had the chance to work with several non profits in the past but ICAN stands out among all of them because of its true leaders like Marcia Horn, president and CEO and Regina Klopfer, Director of Research Services and other dedicated staff continuously putting their effort to make ICAN better so that their patient would get one of the most outstanding service. My time at ICAN as a Research Team Leader has been extremely rewarding as I learned some of the qualities like motivation, perseverance, hard work, selflessness, extremely service driven and so on. There is not enough word to explain my appreciation for ICAN. I would recommend ICAN wholeheartedly.
by Akua A. (October 4, 2012)
I volunteered to look for research articles related to Esophageal Cancer. I enjoy volunteering ICAN because it I get exposed to scientific articles about cancer. Searching for and reviewing articles helps me learn more about the biological processes by which Cancers develop and drugs target, new drugs being developed, and causes of Cancer. It is also a good position for someone who doesn't have the time to learn about Cancers,Causes of it, and how to prevent it. The Assignment gives you exposure to the resources you need to learn about it and forces you to devote the time to doing this for yourself. Through it you learn information that will benefit you and others in your life. Finally, I like the position because it gives me an opportunity to help another person and rebuild their hope. I like the work ICAN does and how it strives to encourage a person at the late stage of their life to hold on, keep trying, and stands with them till the end. It's an organization with Excellent values.
by (Rachel) Jean C. (January 21, 2012)
ICAN truly appreciates all of its volunteers! They are very kind and responsive to all their volunteers and they care deeply for the cancer patients they support and help. I have volunteered at numerous organizations over the years and this is one of the most integrity-filled and best-run nonprofit organizations that I have every worked with. I am a certified project management professional and a CPA who has worked at top notch organizations in the business world so my expectations about quality and integrity are very high -- and I can say that ICAN meets and exceed all my expectations. I would recommend this organization to anybody looking for a rewarding volunteer experience!
by Ella M. from Gauteng, ZA (January 13, 2012)
Because i like it, I like working with people, I like to learn more about everything and i like team work thank u love keep on helping GOD WILL BLESS U.
by Rosa Mari A. (August 21, 2011)
As a volunteer, I was able to contribute to the community at the same time continue applying my IT skills (data inputting). It's great working with Marcia and Kyle!!! If ever, given an opportunity, I will definitely volunteer again at ICAN!
by Maya K. (July 11, 2011)
I volunteer for ICAN, calling other volunteer's to see how we can improve their experience. The responses I have received from every volunteer I have contacted have been extremely positive. They all rave about the responsiveness and dedication of the ICAN staff, and as a volunteer myself, I have experienced this firsthand. This is an organization that does fantastic work for those in need and has been a great organization to volunteer for.
by Elaine H. from Arcadia, CA (July 1, 2011)
ICAN is a very supportive and philanthropic organization. As a volunteer, I've grown as a student and as a person when it comes to cancer advocacy and even in scientific knowledge. Volunteering for the research project really is rewarding, and it's nice to see that the supervisors and executives really appreciate their volunteers and are always looking to improve their organization!
by Krysten J. (June 30, 2011)
ICAN is a wonderful organization to volunteer for because they make it very apparent how much they appreciate the time and effort their volunteers put in. They make sure to keep frequent conversation and support for any questions that may crop up in your research. It is an amazing opportunity that I would definitely recommend to anyone who is interested. I'm really happy to have discovered this opportunity to work with such a great organization, which wouldn't be possible if they didn't offer virtual opportunities considering I am all the way on the east coast.
by Leora B. (June 30, 2011)
Wonderful working with people who are professional, passionate and totally committed to helping people with cancer. As a volunteer, I have been treated like a star and with such respect and appreciation. I have been assigned tasks that suit my abilities and it has been so rewarding. It only energizes me to do more. Communicating with all the team members from Marcia down has been so easy and a pleasure. I can only say that I will stay on as long as they will have me. If you are considering volunteering, I highly recommend this organization. You will feel so rewarded!
by Brooke P. from New York, NY (June 29, 2011)
Volunteering for ICAN has been a really rewarding experience. I've been working for them as a virtual volunteer, which is great because I can use my research skills to help from home whenever I have time to spare. Everyone I have dealt with, including my wonderful team leader Kim, has been friendly and professional. ICAN is doing important work helping cancer patients, and I've learned a lot by volunteering with them. I would highly recommend working with this excellent organization.
by Sejal P. (June 10, 2010)
ICAN is an amazing organization. You have the benefit of working from home and having a great resource in Marcia Horn available to you. Marcia makes certain to provide assignments that are rewarding (based on your interests) and that will help develop your skills. It was my privilege to have volunteered with ICAN and I encourage others to do the same!
by Elizabeth S. from AZ (October 11, 2009)
I have volunteered with ICAN for a few months now and I love working with them. Their supervisors are very friendly and if you have questions on anything they are sure to help and quick to respond. They are also sure to give you clear instructions on the projects they assign you as well. I would recommend this to anyone who is looking to volunteer.
by Jodi P. from Grayslake, IL (September 11, 2009)
I believe cancer is a disease that has affected everyone's life - be it a family member, friend or business associate. We can all benefit by learning more about this disease. Knowledge is power. Knowing that my small contribution of time may benefit another human life is very rewarding and I encourage others to volunteer their time as well for this worthwhile cause.
by Alison H. from Kirksville, MO (September 9, 2009)
My experience with ICAN has been nothing short of amazing. Everyone involved with this organization is extremely friendly and helpful (especially Marcia and Dr.Bob!). You truly feel as though you're making a difference. I am involved in a few philanthropic organizations on my University's campus, but the sense of satisfaction that I get out of my memberships in each one doesn't hold a candle to what ICAN does for me. I hope to continue my service to this organization throughout the rest of this year and well-into law school because of this satisfaction. I highly recommend volunteering for ICAN!
by Lyn G. (September 7, 2009)
I performed volunteer services for ICAN in the spring of 2009 and would definitely volunteer with them again. They are wonderful to work with, the work is interesting (and very meaningful), and it is for an excellent cause. I recommend International Cancer Advocacy Network to anyone looking for gratifying volunteer work, and I plan to perform volunteer services for them again in the future.
by Regina Marie K. from Shoreham, NY (September 6, 2009)
I truly enjoy volunteering with ICAN and would highly recommend it to anyone who is detailed oriented and enjoys research. It is rewarding to know that my work for them is helpful in the efforts to fight cancer and help others. Marcia Horn and Dr. Tamis are wonderful with providing clear instructions for you to follow and provide prompt answers if you ever need assistance on a project. They are a pleasure to work with. I will definitely continue to volunteer with them in the future.
by Laura S. from Portland, OR (September 4, 2009)
I volunteer for ICAN virtually which makes it very easy to do in my spare time. It is a very good cause, and if you like to research the web it is also very interesting. You are asked to find and report the drugs being used in the most current clinical trials being conducted in an effort to stop cancer.
by Beth E. from El Mirage, AZ (September 4, 2009)
ICAN is a great organization doing many wonderful things for people. They don't put pressure on you to get things done now or that you aren't working at a fast past. They are VERY appreciative of the work you can do. She explains everything that you need to do and is there 24 hours a day if you have any questions. The only reason I stopped is because I recently lost my job and am tackling that challenge in my life and couldn't commit as much time to volunteering. I didn't think that was fair but as soon as I get back up on my feet i'll contact to find out how else I can help!! GREAT Organization & GREAT PEOPLE!!!! Would recommend highly
by Ananya D. (September 4, 2009)
I have been volunteering with ICAN for over six months now and I feel very fortunate to have found this organization. I am also humbled by their great mission to help end-stage cancer patients. At the same time, I find the work intellectually stimulating. Working with the CEO, Marcia Horn, has been my pleasure as she is very enthusiastic with a positive outlook and is very dedicated to ICAN’s mission.
by DEBBIE S. from AZ (September 3, 2009)
I've been working on inputting contacts into a MS Access database. A simple input form is already set up in a file which ICAN provides to you, and the contact sources come from various forms of information (such as the Phoenix Business Journal) which ICAN also provides. The inputting couldn't be more straightforward to do: for example you'd enter an individual (person) contact's last name in the "Last" box on the form, or the name of a business in the "Mail Organization" box on the form. If I ever have any questions about how to enter a particular contact, all I have to do is dash off an e-mail to Marcia Horn (ICAN's president and CEO) and/or Matt Thier (ICAN's Director of Database Operations) and either or both of them respond very quickly with an answer. Marcia and Matt are great to work with. They are very enthusiastic and appreciative of volunteer efforts. I give a wholehearted "thumbs up" to them and to volunteering for the ICAN organization.
by Jen S. (September 3, 2009)
This organization by far is one of the more energetic organizations I have found through They are willing to work with my busy schedule and help me fulfill my need to volunteer with them! I encourage anyone who is willing to commit to a few hours of volunteer work to volunteer with the International Cancer Advocacy Network!!!
by Malathi N. from Wilmette, IL (September 3, 2009)
I loved working with this organization. They are very organized and professional in assigning the projects. The description of the projects are very clear and easy to understand and helpful in completing the projects. I will surely recommend this organization to my friends and will work with them in future. Thank you
by Joni S. from Belleuve, WA (September 3, 2009)
Very well organized and communicative. The supervisors are friendly and receptive to questions, and it is for a profoundly important cause.
by Rick N. (September 3, 2009)
I have volunteered at a few non-profit organizations throughout the valley and Ican was by far the place that I will always recommend and return to. From Marcia on down absolutely the best people I have had the pleasure to work with. Please find the time and volunteer for the most worthwhile organization you will ever have the pleasure to be involved with. Rick Novak
by Nancy P. from AL (September 3, 2009)
They're very clear in their directions, and respond quickly whenever I have a question. It's a good on-line position for someone who's detail-oriented.
by Andrea J. from Chicago, IL (September 3, 2009)
ICAN is a wonderful organization to volunteer for because they're professional, compassionate, and deeply committed to helping cancer patients. I am truly grateful to Marcia Horn and the folks at ICAN for supporting me when my father was dying of throat cancer, and for assigning me interesting volunteer tasks--tasks that allowed me to channel my grief into a more constructive manner. I'm very proud to be an ICAN volunteer.
by Allison S. (September 3, 2009)
ICAN is an excellent organization to volunteer for, especially online volunteering. Their instructions are very detailed, thorough, and easy to understand. The task I was given was not hard at all. Anyone can do it. It just requires someone to take a little time out of their day. The people within the organization are extremely nice, helpful, respectful, and appreciative. Whenever I had a question two people were available to answer it, and one of them was the CEO Marcia Horn. That shows you that she truly cares a great deal about the organization. If you're considering volunteering at all, then give this organization a chance. I did, and I'm very, very glad I did.
by James F. from Maumee, OH (September 3, 2009)
I have been virtual volunteering for ICAN for over a month now, and my experience has been nothing but positive. This is not an organization set up to add a line to a resume. ICAN is a group of highly qualified, organized individuals dedicated to the war on cancer. I am as great-full to them for their hard work, as they have been great-full to me for my help.
by Andrea F. from Park Forest, IL (September 2, 2009)
I love volunteering for ICAN because through my work, I am assisting cancer patients around the world with the resources they need to help them in their battle of this disease. The staff is wonderful and are eager to have you jump right in and start working. I received my first assignment the day after I signed up and it was very exciting. The staff is very flexible and they allow you to work at your own pace, because they value their volunteers' time. I absolutely love ICAN!
by Joe C. from Mesa, AZ (September 2, 2009)
Volunteering for ICAN allows me to assist in ways I hope will ultimately benefit those that need the information. In addition, the research allows me to be aware and involved; something I truly enjoy.
by Taylor J. from Phoenix, AZ (September 2, 2009)
I loved working with Marcia Horn of ICAN. When I was choosing which organization I wanted to volunteer for, what struck me was ICAN. Cancer has personally affected the lives of my family, and some of my closest friends. I believe and am a strong supporter of cancer advocacy. Cancer; is an evil destructive condition that affects everyone. I volunteered for a period of time, but nonetheless my experience was great! Marcia is a true hero, and the work she does for the patients that come to her organization is amazing. If there is a will, ICAN will find a way.

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