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Mission Statement

"Turning lives around to ensure safer communities"


180 Degrees' mission is to turn lives around to ensure safer communities. 180 Degrees, Inc. was incorporated in 1971, and in 1973 the half-way house opened its doors to clients. Serving an estimated 250 men each year, the residential program focuses on the transitional needs of formerly incarcerated individuals re-entering the community. The residential program provides short-term housing for individuals re-integrating into communities. Each client is assigned a case manager to develop a case with a focus towards securing stable employment, maintaining sobriety, and establishing acceptable living arrangements in the community.

In 1989, 180 Degrees added non-residential services to complement the work done at the halfway house. 180's Non-Residential Alternative Program (NAP) focuses on providing intermediate sanctions for men and women struggling with parole. NAP creates another layer of supervision and structure helping men and women maintain healthy lifestyles upon release from correctional institutions.

Onsite monitoring is 180's electronic monitoring division. This resource developed both as a stand-alone sanction, monitoring alternative and as an integral part of 180's supervision and surveillance of clients. Electronic capabilities allow 180 to create the necessary structure to monitor curfew and substance use.

In 2001, 180 began providing services for Juveniles in Ramsey County. 180 Degrees, Inc. provides community case management for MCF-Red Wing clients transitioning from a secure facility into the community. In addition, 180 staff provide community case management for delinquent youth assigned to the Ramsey County Human Services Juvenile Delinquency Unit. Currently our eight community probation agents carry an average caseload of thirty-five delinquent youth. This unique public/private collaboration has lead to an increase in the use of community-based alternatives and a decrease in overall placement costs. This work with girls and boys newly entering the criminal justice system has received high praise as innovative public/private collaboration.

In 2004, we began mentoring services to MCF-Red Wing clients returning to communities, and in May 2005 we began providing mentoring services to Ramsey County youth on probation. The goal of the program is to engage youth in pro-social activities and minimize risk factors such as alienation, academic failure, chemical use, or association with delinquent peers.

In 2008, 180 Degrees, Inc. began working with the St. Paul Public Schools and the Suburban Ramsey Collaborative to provide school based intervention and case management for youth involved with the juvenile justice system or at risk of involvement. In partnership with Saint Paul Public Schools On Track Program, 180 Degrees, Inc.'s case manger work as early intervention specialists in a classroom setting. Case manager's work with school officials to address underlying problems affecting the school performance of youth. 180 Degrees, Inc. case management also works with Suburban Ramsey Collaborative to address the needs of youth at the earliest possible indication of delinquent behavior to prevent youth from progressing into justice system involvement.

Recognizing the increasing need for employment services for both juvenile and adult clients, 180 Degrees, Inc. open the doors to their new program, Skills Offenders Need in the Community (SONIC). Since its inception, SONIC has served over one-hundred clients in need of life-skills, resume writing, job search and job placement.


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