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Mission Statement

Our Mission is to love and nurture underprivileged orphans through projects designed to enrich their lives, brighten their futures, and help them achieve their highest potential.


Orphan's Bridge is an international organization working to enrich the lives of orphaned children. We seek to give the children more opportunities in life and expand their world. This is accomplished through a variety of programs and projects. The programs and projects fall under the following categories;


Food Supplies

Social Interaction

Life Skills Training

Enrichment Field Trips

Facility Improvements

Equipment Improvements Every orphanage has a different set of needs. Those run from the basic necessities to facility or educational needs. Most orphanages cannot go beyond providing the basic needs for the children.

Orphan's Bridge gains connections to orphanages and develops a relationship with their directors. Then we assess the needs of the orphanage and determine how best we can assist in enriching and improving the lives of the children.

Orphan's Bridge programs are carried out through direct contact. We travel to an orphanage with a team of volunteers and work directly with the children. On some of the trips we work on facility projects. The projects vary depending on needs, budget, and manpower. Examples of facility improvements are water systems, bathroom facilities, food preparation areas, and improving sleeping quarters. These projects are designed to improve the living conditions and quality of life for the orphans. Other trips may focus on equipment improvements. In some orphanages the children rarely leave the compounds they live in. Our goal is to update and add equipment useful in everyday life. This will include furniture for the facility, educational equipment, playground equipment, or air cooling systems. As stated above, we seek to expand the children's world. One way we do this is by taking the children on field trips. The field trips are designed with historical, societal, or experiential importance in mind. The trips are educational and designed to develop social, physical, mental, and emotional growth. The trips may be one day or up to a week long. We may visit the ocean, historic sites, museums, zoos, or tour businesses to show a variety of career choices. During all these activities children are taught valuable life skills and trade skills. As an organization, we seek to expose children to multiple skills and career choices. We seek to support the children in expanding their aspirations. We seek to provide opportunity and personal growth. Join us as we touch children's lives and move them beyond their limitations.


P.O. Box 223

Louisville, CO 80027-9997



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