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Mission Statement

Through a holistic mind, body and spirit approach, Open Door Mission transforms lives with recovery, healing and learning.


Some of the most inspiring work in America is being done quietly in our cities, without much fanfare. There are courageous, motivated citizens reaching out to their neighbors in need with authentic compassion. These 'street saints' are among America's great unsung heroes. The work they are doing in serving the least, the last and the lost brings renewal that comes from the deepest well of human change: the human heart. Daniel R. Coats Former U.S. Ambassador/U.S. Senator-Indiana

When you enter the Open Door Mission campus, you'll see manicured lawns and spotless walkways. A 100+ year-old multi-storied stucco brick building catches the eye; it's one-story additions run around the campus' circumference as if enfolding you into its arms.

Laughter spills out of classrooms, down the halls and out onto the patio and walkways. The residents are friendly, helpful and polite, holding open doors, pointing out directions and carrying packages. None of them look like drug addicts or alcoholics.

They are recovering - you'll see them in recovery classes, individual or group counseling sessions, 12-step and church recovery groups.

They are healthy - you'll see running, softball and bicycling teams, pick-up basketball games and walking groups, a bustling fitness center brimming with fitness equipment.

They are learning - you'll see them pouring over books, engaged in lively discussions with their classmates, headed out on group outings to museums, the library, the theatre, attending a class on financial management, resume writing or interview techniques.

If you go upstairs to the dorms, you'll see one young man from an upper middle class family bunking next to a gang member from a poor, single-parent home. The parents of each were good parents and did everything they could to give their boys the right upbringing.

Across the room, the man in his thirties still has his law license. The fifty-something-year-old man next to him is an educator with an ivy-league education. Next to him, the man of about the same age never learned to read. In another bunk, a young man who'd been knocked around at home ran away only to be knocked around on the streets.

Their stories are heartbreaking, fascinating and as varied as each individual. What matters, though, is what happens when they enter our doors. These men will be given the best possible chance to succeed with a holistic program aimed at healing mind, body and soul. They will learn about their addiction and, with biofeedback, learn to control the impulses that lead to relapses. They will receive addiction and spiritual counseling, attend 12-step groups, different local churches and on-campus chapel services.

They will receive health screenings and access to regular health care, including dental, optical and hearing. They will learn about nutrition, have access to a fully equipped fitness center and get involved in running, cycling, softball and basketball teams.

They will continue their education, whether the first step is to learn how to read or career counseling in preparation of re-entering the job market after a nine-month hiatus, obtaining a GED or taking college classes.

At Open Door Mission, they will receive recovery, healing, learning.



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