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Mission Statement

Redeem-Her is a collective of women who have been in prison. Our mission is to stay free from incarceration and addiction and support other women in making and maintaining the same decision. We are guided by the following principles: We believe every woman, regardless of her past, can be redeemed. We believe no one stays free alone. Mentoring from women who've been there has the power to change lives. We believe when a woman becomes healthy - spiritually, emotionally, physically and economically the whole community benefits. We believe that every person, regardless of life circumstance, can make a difference and is called to do what they can when they can to help another.


We recognize women do not succeed at recovery, reentry, or both alone. A support system is essential; the most effective of which, consists of other women who have experienced the same ordeals. Even if every tangible need is met, without intimate contact with a supportive network, it is nearly impossible for a reentering and/or recovering woman to deal with all the life changes necessary. A reentering woman can utilize assistance from Social Service agencies, churches, prison ministries and various community organizations, however without a way to put the pieces are put together assistance is often lost. For example, unemployment services may help with job assistance but they can't provide clothing appropriate for a job interview, or transportation to get to an interview. Local pantries provide food, but not the can openers, bowls or microwaves necessary to prepare the food. Redeem-Her assesses the needs that can be met by other organizations and agencies in the community, supplements what is lacking and provides the web that connects it all.



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