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Mission Statement

The Youth Federation for World Peace (YFWP) is a global alliance of young leaders and youth-related organizations dedicated to building a world of peace, a world in which everyone can live in freedom, harmony, cooperation and co-prosperity for all.


Together with NGOs, businesses, government agencies and the United Nations, YFWP works on crucial issues to realize the dream of one global family of interdependence, mutual prosperity, and universally shared values.These efforts are directed principally in five areas:

Peace education and leadership programs

Peace-building programs in Northeast Asia,

Interfaith conflict resolution

Humanitarian service and character education programs to fulfill the Millennium Development Goals of the United Nations;

Global Peace Festivals in all continents to foster and celebrate peace

The signature initiative of YFWP is the education and appointment of young leaders in every walk of life, from ages 18 to 49, to leading roles in national renewal and global conflict resolution as Young Ambassadors for Peace. These young ambassadors build professional leadership networks and collaborate on key shared values: 1. There is one God who is the Creator of all and the parent of all humankind. 2. Human beings are essentially spiritual in their nature. 3. The family is the central institution of all societies, and is the "school of love" for the growth and development of all people. The foundation of stable families is faithful and committed marriage. 4. The highest standard in human relationships is to live for the sake of others. 5. Interreligious and international cooperation are essential to building genuine and lasting peace.



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by omovigho o. (2011-04-28 18:01:53.0)
Is all about positive decision making i have made the decision to keep peace because i have found out that is only with peace we can make a good life with peace with can make this world a more more better place for all so i will alway talk peace to every one