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Mission Statement

Picture The Homeless was founded on the principle that homeless people have civil and human rights regardless of our race, creed, color or economic status. Picture The Homeless was founded and is led by homeless people. we refuse to accept being neglected and we demand that our voices and experience are heard at all levels of decision-making that impact us.

We oppose the quaility of life laws that criminalize homeless people in any form by the city,state, and national governments. We work to change these laws and policies as well as to challenge the root causes of homelessness. Our strategies include grass roots organizing, direct action, and educating homelss people about their rights, public education, changing mediastereotypes, and building relationships with allies.


We have an office in the Bronx and campaigns in the areas of Civil Rights, Housing, and Rental Subsidies--and a membership of over 1,000. Since our founding we have achieved significant public policy wins and changed administrative processes that impact homeless New Yorkers because our agenda is developed and advanced by homeless people. Picture the Homeless is founded on the principle that in order to address the root causes of homelessness, people who are homeless must develop a collective, effective voice for systemic change. By developing leadership among homeless people, we are addressing a root cause of homelessness - the stigma attached to poverty and the silence of the poor.

Picture the Homeless increasingly fills a critical vacuum among grass roots organizing efforts in NYC by providing resources to homeless New Yorkers living in the streets and in the shelter system to collectively develop and implement an agenda for systemic change. We are creating space not only within policy making venues around the issues of housing, shelter, life sustaining services and holding governmental institutions accountable such as the NYPD, but we are also creating space within the social justice and advocacy movement for the participation and leadership of homeless New Yorkers.



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