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Mission Statement

Invest in Kids' mission is to improve the health and well-being of vulnerable young children and families throughout Colorado. Working in partnership with local communities, we identify, introduce, implement, and ensure the success of research-based, proven programs.


Invest in Kids is a Colorado-based organization committed to improving the lives of young children through improved health and well-being. By focusing our efforts on at-risk families we help give every child a chance to thrive.

Invest in Kids brings research-based, proven programs into communities across the state and collaborates to ensure their ongoing success. Our unique approach is what separates the work we do from others striving to achieve the same outcome.

First, we identify programs with proven track records or methodologies for success.

Second, we introduce these programs to Colorado
communities and constituencies to see where and how they can net the greatest impact.

Third, we implement the programs through agency partners, in collaboration with community leaders and other key constituents.

Lastly, we ensure each program's ongoing success through strict adherence to guidelines and measurement of results.

Not every program qualifies to become part of an Invest in Kids initiative. Only those that can demonstrate the highest level of standards and greatest promise for impact become part of our mission. Presently, we are proud to offer Nurse-Family Partnership, The Incredible Years and the Good Behavior Game as programs that excel at serving young children and their families.

We function as a bridge between program developers and communities, between research and practice. We act as advocates, collaborators, facilitators, and ongoing guardians of program sustainability and success. We take this responsibility very seriously. Communities across Colorado have come to know us for our commitment to positive outcomes and our diligence in delivering results.



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