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Mission Statement

UNFPA, the United Nations Population Fund, provides women's health care and promotes the rights of women around the world. It is the largest international source of such assistance.

AMERICANS FOR UNFPA is dedicated to building American support for the work of UNFPA and to restoring the United States' moral and financial contribution to the organization.

AMERICANS FOR UNFPA is a non-partisan, 501(c) (3) charitable organization funded by private foundations and individual donors.

The U.S. Committee for UNFPA, now Americans for UNFPA, was founded in 1998. We are the official committee for UNFPA in the United States. We support UNFPA by generating awareness of UNFPA's work, fundraising for field programs, and advocating for U.S. policies in support of UNFPA, including the release of Congressionally-allocated U.S. funds that have been withheld by the Administration since 2002.


The United States was integral in forming UNFPA in 1969 and was a leading supporter during the agency's first 15 years. The United States has since remained on the Executive Board and has historically helped shape UNFPA programs and priorities.

In the mid-1980s UNFPA became a victim of the divisive American politics when anti-choice forces identified UNFPA as a target.

The U.S. Committee was formed in 1998 and recently became Americans for UNFPA.

Over and over we see that Americans support the work of UNFPA--regardless of their political affiliation, religious convictions, or socio-economic status. In fact, we find that a majority of Americans believe that the United States should help fund these efforts. They just can't name a single organization doing the work.

For this reason, we've undertaken a long-term public education campaign. To signify that this effort is open to all in this country who believe that the U.S. should again put its moral, political, and financial support behind UNFPA, we've determined that we are better referred to as AMERICANS FOR UNFPA.

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