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Mission Statement

MISSION : To provide pre-release and re-entry services to prisoners and ex-offenders.

VISION: That our clients experience a successful return to the community

Positioning Statement: CRAM is dedicated to providing services to prisoners and ex-offenders because we believe that empowering offenders...promotes a safer community.

Anticipated Outcomes Our goals are to assist clients to achieve self-sufficiency, gain economic stability, develop a healthy lifestyle and live productively in the community.



Crime Prevention Project (CPP) This service is a tri-fold initiative: build a strong and safer community, empower offenders to be self-sufficient and lessen the burden of the community. The tri-fold initiative serves as an integrated approach through the services provided by CRAM and is a positive therapeutic alliance, which is seen as critical in helping the offender.

Employment Assistant Project (EAP) The EAP (Employment Assistant Project) offers job search assistance, job readiness, one-on-one mentoring and any other needed assistance for employment. Assistance includes resume preparation, completing job applications and mock interviews. The EAP identifies potential employers willing to consider ex-offenders for hire.

Computer Literacy Class This series of classes are designed to provide instructions on basic computer skills, Microsoft programs, money management programs, and basic Internet knowledge. Classes are held weekly. Registration is required.

SAVE Classes - SAVE (Spiritual Awareness Vocational Education)is are-entry/pre-release class that provides information and instruction on community resources that may be useful to inmates upon release. The curriculum offers vital instruction and awareness, as well as job related resources. SAVE classes are held at the State Correctional Institution at Camp Hill and Muncy.

Harrisburg Community Correction Center Services Weekly orientation sessions are provided to newly released inmates at this facility. The session provides information and resources that will assist the offender upon his return to the community. CRAM's Computer Literacy Class, Resume Preparation Class and SAR Project are also provided at this site.

Project MENTOR (Mentoring Ex-offenders' Need to Overcome Re-offending). This Project uses volunteer recruits to provide m entoring services to ex-offenders. CRAM also collaborates with other organizations that are in need of our mentoring services, as long as the service is being provided to clients and/or family members of prisoners/ex-offenders.

Community Service Project - CRAM identifies tasks/work in the community that may be offered to clients who are mandated to complete a specific number of community service hours.

Distribution Center - The distribution center includes tangible household items, such as kitchen utensils, pots, pans, towels, sheets, pillows, etc. These items are distributed to clients to assist them with immediate housing needs upon release to the community.

SAR Project SAR (Substance Abuse Recovery) - Project provides services through group and/or one-on-one mentoring sessions for CRAM's clients. This Project is also provided to agencies in the community.

Housing Financial Assistance Program - Ex-offenders are assisted with locating temporary housing in compliance with their approved home plan. Limited financial assistance is provided to eligible clients to help pay for housing.

Transportation CAT bus passes are provided to the clients to assist with transportation needs to look for employment and/or to have transportation to employment for the first 2 weeks. Clients are required to receive services under CRAM to qualify for a bus pass.

Budgeting CRAM provides budgeting classes through the use of one-on-one mentoring with Peer Professionals and the FDIC Money Smart CD 10 modular lessions.



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by Tommy H. (2012-05-30 02:38:22.0)
I approve of any sincere christian organization,that assists the offender,that has completed his or her sentence - and wants to restart their life as an asset to society .