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At Homefront Hugs Foundation, we leave politics at the door and support our troops,veterans and families without conditions- letting no hero feel forgotten . We inspire stewardship in children, the disABLED, the elderly and anyone who wants to make a difference in this world today... including disaster relief and tackling our mental health crisis . We provide essential support and crisis intervention to isolated veterans in communities at large. Make a real difference with us where we unite instead of finding differences to divide us. Our site is dedicated to our WWII veterans, and our own family members who have served our country. Help make our world a kinder, gentler place and volunteer with us near or far . Our motto: Freedom Endures .


At Homefront Hugs, our missions include helping our wounded & seriously ill vets, adopting deployed troops, helping kids and teens give back in ways they choose, crisis intervention addressing our national mental health crisis, and disaster relief.
We need volunteers to write cards and send needs to our wounded & sick veterans in hospitals, to help homeless & isolated vets, and so much more.
Teenagers and college students can start their own Homefront Hugs volunteer clubs nationwide giving back to their communities and helping reach out to one another to stay safe on and offline.
We value every volunteer, whatever your age or ability, every veteran from every walk of life.
Monetary donations are needed to mail care packages to our wounded and deployed,for stewardship programs, disaster relief, suicide prevention, and focusing on our mental health crisis affecting all ages.
Giving back to our country and our communities in thanks for our freedoms is what Homefront Hugs is all about with many teenagers developing their own projects making a real difference and part of their own self-care.

Projects include helping citizens vote, lifting spirits of children with cancer, the Humane Society, developing apps to improve inclusion & diversity, staying safe especially with AI, visiting isolated veterans, and much more. Our volunteers are the reason we shine!


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by Elizabeth N. (April 2, 2016)
I spent time overseas and was fortunate enough to find this organization online while I was searching for support for Soldiers. Not only did Homefront Hugs take care of the Soldiers I was serving with, my son, mom and sister received support during my time away. I can never repay but will be eternally grateful for all of the support that was received.
by Ayn H. (February 22, 2016)
Homefront Hugs USA Inc. is an outstanding organization for supporting our nation's troops and veterans. The leader of this organization is a former military spouse raising a USAF dependent who lost his father to brain cancer. She founded this organization and has been volunteering her time and efforts for the last 15 years to be an actual DOER of supporting our military veterans and active-duty troops. As a retired senior NCO, I personally donate to this organization and highly recommend you consider partnering with Homefront Hugs USA Inc. so that they can continue their mission of #SOT and #SOV. Thanks for all you do Alessandra and Ed!
by Lisa A. (February 18, 2016)
My family and I have enjoyed helping show appreciation to many service men and women around the world through the Homefront Hugs organization. During the 8+ years that we have volunteered with Homefront Hugs, there have always been ways to show appreciation that fit our busy homeschool lifestyle. We have made cards to be sent in care packages, greeted WWII veterans coming back from an honor flight to Washington, D.C., and donated financially to helping get the care packages sent to troops all around the world, to help send a little love from here. I know Alessandra personally and am very impressed with how donations coming in go directly to getting the care packages out - she doesn't collect any salary for herself. Alessandra, as well as her son Ed who also assists in the organization, have a heart to help no service member, or their families, feel forgotten. Our family is happy to come alongside and help support this mission in the many ways offered that fit into our lifestyle.
by Jessica O. (February 17, 2016)
This is such an important effort in a world with too little kindness. Such a simple and loving way to let those who put themselves in harm's way to keep us safe know that we value them and their work. Here's to Homefront Hugs! As long as there are boots on the ground, I hope you will be there to provide comfort and reassurance.
by Paul B. (January 27, 2016)
We've supported several deployed troops thru Homefront Hugs and I've personally spread the word about this wonderful organization to all my friends, family, and colleagues at work. The troops, and those they are working with downrange, are incredibly appreciative of the support from back home. Our little morale-booster packages, letters, and emails have a tremendously amplified positive effect on our adopted Heroes. Just knowing that somebody here in the States cares and makes an effort on their behalf lifts their spirits and lightens their loads enormously. Homefront Hugs has no agenda other than supporting our decoyed military personnel, and every cent of money and every second of effort donated goes to that end. Plus, Allesssandra, who runs the outfit, is a joy to work with. Volunteer for Homefront Hugs today! You won't regret it.
by Judy O. (January 26, 2016)
What a wonderful family run organization,helping all our Military. Alessandra and her son work so very hard, day and night for our troops. You are able to adopt a Military person and make up gift packages for them, or donate for the shipping of gift packages that are sent out monthly from Alessandra...and the donation goes only for the shipping charges $15.90 per package, she and her son box and make up the packages. I have many family members who have served and would have loved for someone do this for them.....God Bless Alessandra, she is a remarkable, caring person, who is delightful to deal with, and she is so appreciative for our help. Please everyone check into helping this worthwhile organization...
by Marilyn T. (January 26, 2016)
I volunteer/support many organizations. However, this one is the most important to me. If it weren't for the sacrifices of our military & their families, we might not have the chance/right to do so. This organization is run by a person with the Biggest heart. She truly cares. I sometimes wonder if she ever sleeps. She not only cares about our Heroes, she cares about the volunteers as well. If anyone is thinking of joining an organization. I promise you, you will know you are making a difference. It's a GREAT feeling. Thank You Homefront Hugs U.S.A. for caring so much.
by Amy B. (January 24, 2016)
I have been a volunteer with Homefront Hugs for over a year. I have adopted many heroes from different branches of the military. It is a great organization and all of the troops appreciate the support. Anyone can adopt a hero and it is a fun and rewarding experience. You can send many different things that are both fun and useful. It is a great project to do with kids and any organization. If you are unable to adopt you can make a donation so that care packages can be sent to heroes without any support. I would definitely recommend this organization to anyone.
by Lori O. (February 17, 2016)
I have been with Homefront Hugs for quite awhile. It has been a life changing experience for me and I have made some lifelong friends. The wonderful lady who runs the organization works tirelessly to make sure that everyone is supported, and she is always available to answer any questions. I believe that working with Homefront Hugs has helped me as much as it has helped the hard working soldiers (and families) that I have supported. This is the least that we can do for the men and women who work so hard and unselfishly for our country. I plan to stay with Homefront Hugs for a very long time!
by Leah C. from Mesa, AZ (January 14, 2016)
I love volunteering with this organization for many reasons. I like that it's something I can do on my own time and with my family. It's definately a great feeling knowing I can help cheer up a deployed military person. Homefront Hugs makes it very easy to volunteer and are quick to respond. I truly feel this is one of the best organizations around today!!
by jerri i. (September 12, 2011)
I have a son that is in the military, currently he is stateside. I know how important it was to him when he got communication from home, whether that be care packages or a letter.
by Lu T. from St Augustine, FL (February 19, 2009)
I have been an active member of Homefront Hugs since right after it formed. I have remained with the organization because it truely stays focused on its mission. If you want to put your time and money into an organization that has accountability as well as many different opportunites to show support for our military; then join us. I personally participate in the adopt a soldier and Operation Healing Angel. If you do adopt, I have to warn you - some of them will stay in your heart for a lifetime.
by Robyn P. from Navarre, FL (February 15, 2009)
I volunteer for Homefront Hugs USA -- Because no Hero should ever be Forgotten. I support our Troops, Veterans and Families - as they support me and my family. Because I want to help make a difference, just like these individuals who have given/give service to our country. My way, is to volunteer and let our soldiers know that I thank them, my family thanks them, and because of their support... Freedom Endures. I may volunteer by sending a wounded soldier a card, or a care package, or by volunteering my time to Homefront Hugs USA. Thus, I can reach out to honor someone I know, or someone I do not even know and I can let them know I care. I care about all of the men and women who serve, protect and sacrifice so that others might live, and live in a free world. I volunteer to thank and offer homefront hugs!
by Kathleen G. from Mclean, VA (February 12, 2009)
I highly recommend the Homefront Hugs organization to anyone who wants to do something special for a service man or woman and/or their families in the US and deployed. While there are a variety of ways that individuals can support HH, the one-on-one pairing with a specific soldier provides a special sense of "adoption" and the chance to think of the individual as family. The president, Alessandra, is an awesome individual who somehow gives each volunteer an opportunity to do something that fits their schedule and unique intentions. This is a wonderful way to support our heros and their families.
by Daniel L. (February 11, 2009)
My wife and I have volunteered for Homefront Hugs USA for almost six years. It is one of the most rewarding activities we ever participated in. Our service men and women earn and deserve our support for what they do, and this organization provides it without "red tape". The expressions of appreciation from them are wonderful and provide motivation to continue. The rewards from volunteering for Homefront Hugs USA are worth every minute spent doing so.
by kimberly e. from Gulf Breeze, FL (January 12, 2009)
My children and I volunteer for Homefront Hugs and have experienced firsthand how helpful it is to troops and their families! So many have been touched by this organization in so many ways; injured troops, medical personnel in military hospitals and the families of those who are unable to be at home right now. Imagine how the care packages, cards and letters brighten the day of those who receive them and show them that they are cared about and not forgotten! The beauty of Homefront Hugs is that you can volunteer in so many ways and whenever you are able. If you are looking for a way to support those who fight to keep our country free...Homefront Hugs is for you!
by Candi O. (January 9, 2009)
If you are looking to make a difference in the life of a soldier or veteran then Homefront Hugs is the organization for you! Run by Alessandra (and her son, Ed), HH enables ordinary people to do EXTRAORDINARY things! By reaching out to our deployed troops, who most likely need a care package filled with basic everyday items to make them more comfortable or sending a cheerful greeting to a wounded veteran, YOU have the ability to help others. Although the organization is based in FL & I live in NY, I have been involved with HH for years & am so grateful to continue to have opportunities to write letters to wounded soldiers in hospitals & to make donations (tax deductible) that will help Alessandra send more care packages! I should add that HH has NO political affiliations & most people would agree that our service people deserve to be supported 100%! Finally, if you are on this website, your heart is in the RIGHT place so I encourage you to become a HH volunteer today!
by Joseph M. (January 9, 2009)
I have seen firsthand the impact that Homefront Hugs has made on the lives of our military families and veterans. From care packages to our troops in the field, to helping the families that are left behind, and to caring for veterans that have somehow fallen through the system, the dedication of Homefront Hugs is immeasurable. Many military members and their families enjoy a better quality of life largely due to the efforts of this organization. I would highly encourage anyone that says they support our troops to "walk the walk" by participating as a volunteer with Homefront Hugs.
by Debra R. from Hammond, IN (August 17, 2009)
I highly recommend Homefront Hugs, it is by far one of the best organizations out there helping our troops and their families. I've been a volunteer/supporter of this organization for years and just recently started helping out an entire company in Iraq and I love it. Homefront Hugs does so much for our heroes and their families back home, the needs of some are great and they work so hard to meet those needs, no matter what it takes. If you are looking to get involved with a group that helps our troops, look no further, this is by far one of the best and you can trust that anything you do to help is being put to good use and is greatly appreciated by those receiving your help. Homefront Hugs may work to support our heroes but I've seen many of them write letters and notes claiming that Homefront Hugs and it's supporters are their heroes. Their words say it all! This organization has given me, personally, more personal gratification than anything else I've ever done.
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