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Mission Statement

The mission of A.D.O.P.T., Animals Deserving of Proper Treatment, is to place animals into permanent caring homes and to advance humane treatment of animals through education.


ADOPT is a mostly volunteer-run animal shelter in Naperville. Volunteers assist in all aspects of the shelter from caring for animals, transporting animals, helping with adoptions, fundraisers and special events.



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by Nikki B. (2015-09-16 13:07:11.0)
Volunteered for over 3 years. Mgmt mishandled many things so several volunteers had quit and emails were sent asking for help on shifts from new 'volunteer coordinator,' Jill Lebovitz.I responded that once the volunteers were treated better I would be glad to help out more so I was directed to talk to mgmt who was rarely there so they ignored me.Lebovitz then emailed the shelter would reduce their hours on Monday (my shift) and Wednesday nights to close by 5pm. They do not trust volunteers, so need several staff members there and could not afford to do this since mgmt could not keep up financially.A key fundraiser and original founder of the shelter had quit the shelter earlier out of frustration.They did not communicate financial issues with volunteers they did not trust.They send dogs they do not believe are adoptable back to high kill shelters so they can maintain their 'no kill' status of 90%.Once my shift was eliminated I could not make another so I moved on.