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Mission Statement

DSST Public Schools is a values-driven organization and a deliberately integrated community, serving students from all walks of life. Our six Core Values are central to our program and to our results. These values are truly embedded in everything we do. Respect: Appreciating the value of a person or an object through your words, actions and attitude - treating people appropriately with common courtesy. Responsibility: Able to be trusted and or depended upon to complete tasks, follow directions and own up to your actions. Integrity: Being truthful, fair and trustworthy in your words and actions - doing as you say and saying as you do. Courage: Possessing confidence and resolve to take risks and make right decisions in the face of pressure and adverse or unfamiliar circumstances. Curiosity: Eager to learn, explore and question things to gain a deeper understanding. Doing Your Best: Putting your best effort into everything you do.


The goal of DSST Public Schools is to be able to get students to a place where they are successful. However, with success comes failure, and many of the times support is neede for the students in order for them to keep going. The goal of these opportunities is to able to bring a support to students suffering from emotional destress. I will really integrate these benefits into students. The first is the most important benefit of Animal-Assisted Therapy, which is mental health improvement. In many cases of isolation or traumatic experiences that limit the social actions a person takes can be treated with Animal-Assisted Therapy. The benefits in context to this include an increase the communication with others whether it is verbal or nonverbal, the reduction in loneliness and feelings of isolation and alienation. These benefits are provided by the trust and comfort that an animal is able to provide to a human through the growth of a relationship. Furthermore, this increas-es socialization of many people that in turn is able to lessen depression and increase exultant moods. The socialization and the interaction itself are able to re-duce boredom. Furthermore, these benefits are able to increase the motivation that people have in daily lives, and in cases of children, help them overcome emotion-al maladies and speech impairment. With all the relief and improvement of mental health effects that Animal-Assisted Therapy is able to provide, it is important to increase the implementation of it in public spaces.



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