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Mission Statement

The Infant & Children Sleep Apnea Awareness Foundation is dedicated to bringing awareness to infant and children sleep apnea, SIDS and pediatric pulmonary issues. We are committed to informing are communities about the risk of undetected infant and children sleep apnea with respects to sudden infant death syndrome and many other pediatric pulmonary issues. As this is an underrepresented cause that effects many with in our communities. O ur highest priority and commitment is to increase public awareness, education, family and community assistance. Our ultimate goal is to raise money to fund pediatric pulmonary medical care and research, which will help solve, and someday cure, some of the medical issues that plague our children today and bring an acute awareness of the same.


Do you know some one who has lost a child to SIDS? (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) Do you know that medical research is now linking SIDS and Infant Sleep Apnea together in more cases everyday? Do you know a child that has been diagnosed with ADD or ADHD? Statistic show that we have approximately 3 MILLION children today on some type of ADD or ADHD medication and that 33% to 47 % could be taken off the medication with a simple sleep study test or a cardio test, which could or would show the underlying problem. Most children just need to have a simple procedure done of a tonsillectomy, adenoidectomy or both. Statistics show over 2 million children in this country today have some type of sleep disorder. An estimated 30 to 40 % of children do not get enough sleep. Statistics show that 18 million Adult American suffer from sleep apnea and an estimated 10 million are still undiagnosed today. Sleep Apneas has been linked to other problems in childhood such as SIDS, ADHD, Autism, Obesity and more. E ducation and research is the key to the success and (infant) survival of children afflicted with sleep apnea and pulmonary issues. Providing the proper information, education and public awareness, can and will make a tremendous positive impact in the lives of children. Please take a moment and visit the website at www.infantsleepapnea.org, to learn more about the foundation, the commitment and their endeavor. Our foundation is here as a year round resource and is the bridge linking the physicians, children and their families, medical care, research and the latest technology all-together for a common cause. Support of the community is crucial to this endeavor, for it is only when we join forces for a common cause that we see amazing results.



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