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Mission Statement

ADHD Aware is a non-profit, tax-exempt 501(c)(3) community organization run by and for people with AD/HD to expand opportunities and enhance the quality of life of children and adults with AD/HD. ADHD Aware fulfills its mission of support, advocacy, and services for children and adults and their families through high-quality, dynamic programming responsive to the needs of the diverse populations affected by ADHD. Through outreach and direct engagement, we also seek to increase public and professional understanding regarding identification of and effective treatment for ADHD, and to decrease social stigmas associated with ADHD.


Our services support the well-being and stability of children, adults and families living with ADHD by promoting personal, communal and social awareness of ADHD. Through programming designed to increase personal awareness about the ways in which ADHD, a neurobiological disorder, affects one's school, work and home life, we seek to provide the recognition needed for children and adults to truly embrace and implement the strategies necessary for the successful management of ADHD. In our clubs and workshops -- where girls, boys and adults with ADHD play, learn and grow together -- we decrease the isolation of this "invisible" disability and provide individuals an opportunity to draw strength from participating in a vibrant community, which is key to developing healthy self-esteem. By presenting speakers with ADHD, workshops facilitated by experts in the field and a variety of public events, we seek to raise social awareness about the existence of ADHD as a neurobiological disorder and to demonstrate the competence and courage of our community, thereby decreasing social stigmas associated with the diagnosis of and treatment for ADHD.



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