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Mission Statement

Mission and Vision

The Vision: To transform communities globally to Viable Villages, solving the unmet needs in the areas of healthcare, economics and education in the new millennium.

The Mission: To co-create, develop and implement systems for a model Viable Village that address the following areas: quality non-profit healthcare, economic development, education, and the meeting of psychological and social needs. This Viable Village model will then be available for implementation globally.


Overview of GGS Services

GGS is a non-profit corporation operated by a Board of Directors. GGS is a strategic developer of community relationship-based healthcare and community revitalization through its consulting services. GGS consultants and partners, working with tribal consultants and partners, complete needs assessments for the sovereign nation and develop a comprehensive Viable Village plan that solves the needs and achieves the goals of the nation in the areas of healthcare, economic development, education, psychological and social issues, and culture.

Global Good Services consists of a group of individuals who specialize in the medical field including Globemed (physicians and other health care providers), the legal field, technology systems, and spiritual traditions.

Due to the GGS nonprofit, humanitarian mission and the establishment of the vision with tribes and companies, it has developed partnerships and/or working relationships with numerous tribes and companies. GGS will organize, coordinate, and facilitate agreements, contracts and partnerships between sovereign tribes and companies

For Corporate America:

GGS will bring the prospects to the table, co-ordinate and maximize sales efforts and agreements. Benefits will include an economical tax base and other financial and legal benefits and opportunities relating to the tribes sovereign state status.

For The Tribes:

GGS will facilitate investment opportunities for the tribes, contracts, partnerships, and mutual benefit guarantees with pre-qualified companies of integrity.

Additionally, GGS will also:

1. Oversee qualification process through entire sales cycle from prospecting to closing for the company and the tribe. 2. Continue to deepen and advance the vision with tribes, companies and countries in the short term and the long term. 3. Maintain GGS' commitments to the Viable Village project with U.S. tribes through the expansion of the project throughout the U.S. and other countries. 4. GGS serves as conduit for all proposal through commitment processes. 5. GGS will foster business relationships between tribes and companies for continuous, long-term mutual benefit throughout all the phases.



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